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Glenn Beck Interviews Texas Governor Perry While Ignoring Koch Brothers Connection

Reported by Aunty Em - June 28, 2011 -

Let me state my bias up front, which is something you’ll never hear from Fox “News” with its phony “Fair and Balanced” slogan: I lean to the left. Shocker, I know, but really, I do. Therefore, it’s only natural that I support the efforts of George Soros, in his philanthropy, to fund organizations which further an agenda that is aligned with my political point of view. However, that’s only ONE of the MANY reasons I have found Glenn Beck’s constant vilification of Soros troubling. But, let’s not get too deeply into the weeds and just stick with that single topic as I examine Beck’s interview yesterday with Texas Governor, and possible presidential candidate, Rick Perry.

[Full disclosure: Neither myself nor News Hounds take Soros money. While I cannot speak for News Hounds, I would gladly take his money. Routing information is available upon request.]

Beck spent 8 minutes (or about 1/30th of his remaining 240 minutes on Fox “News,” not accounting for commercials) of Monday’s show in a gushing, ass-kissing interview with Texas Governor Rick Perry. Not once did it come up that Perry was one of the guest speakers this past weekend at a super-secret seminar run by the Koch Brothers. Why is this even relevant? I’ll admit that Rick Perry is free to speak wherever he wishes. He’s also free to take (within the limits of Texas and federal campaign finance law) money from whatever organizations that want to fund his elections. I’ll go even further. As much as I am loath to admit it, The Koch Brothers are free to take their billions of dollars to support the Tea Party and other Right Wing causes to which I am diametrically opposed. In fact, those Kochsuckers are even free to buy and sell whatever politicians are willing to take their cash in order to sell out their citizens. That’s democracy at work. As Johnny Carson used to say, “You buy the premise, you buy the bit.”

Therefore, Glenn, the question begs itself: Why is Koch money so good and Soros money so bad? [Not that I really expect an answer.] I’d even go one step further and insist Soros money is far BETTER than Koch money, and not because I happen to agree with the aims of the organizations he supports. George Soros is upfront about where he spreads his money around. Glenn Beck makes a big deal about exposing where Soros’ money goes, but the truth is that it doesn’t take a lot of digging to find that info. It’s all part of the public record. However, Koch money is far harder to trace. Because Koch Industries is a family-owned company, without pesky shareholders to ask pesky questions, it takes real investigative journalism to ferret out what job-killing, people-killing lobbying efforts the Kochs support. Center for American Progress Action Fund has done yeoman’s work in exposing that info. [Report summary here; full PDF here.]

There are rumors, which I am still trying to track down to confirm or debunk, that Glenn Beck was one of the attendees at the Koch seminar this past weekend. That would have made it easier for Beck to arrange yesterday’s interview by satellite. [It’s also curious that during the entire interview it’s never identified where Perry is. Despite the green screen frozen picture of the Texas statehouse behind him, was Perry still in Colorado?] However, even of it proves to be false, that really doesn’t get Beck off the hook because he has previously spoken at Koch seminars. Because of the secrecy of these meetings I doubt we’ll ever find out whether Beck (or Perry, for that matter) was paid a speaker’s fee.

Now, about that Beck interview with Rick Perry: Meh, who cares? Watch it yourself:

Video posted online by Fox News Insider