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Fox News Tweet Du Jour – The Big Dog Whistle

Reported by Aunty Em - June 23, 2011 -

Just take a look, then we’ll talk:


Obama. White women. Hear that dog whistle? I’m going to call it and say it categorically: this is a race-baiting headline. Why else would Fox Nation tweet such a headline? But it’s not just the tweet. The headline of the story at Fox Nation is exactly the same:


Oddly enough this comes on the same day that “Fox Nation Develops Racial Sensitivity - Just In Time To Attack Jon Stewart,” as Ellen’s post of earlier today points out. But it’s been clear for quite some time that Fox Nation not only allows ugly racist comments to stay up, but subtly uses headlines in order to work the readers into a froth and get just those kind of comments. Need proof? Here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, and here.

If you read the comments below this latest dog whistle headline, you’ll not only see the kind of racist comments that News Hounds has learned to expect, but a few also that recognize the dog whistle. And, of course, those who will defend Fox Nation. Check these out:


Note beesbuzzbeck says, “Fox: Racebait, Rinse & Repeat......” and Shawn P. McIntyre jumps right in to defend Fox Nation by saying “Its an AP story, its even in the quoted headline. FOX is reposting as it hit the wire. Talk to the writers at AP (By Jim Kuhnhenn and Stacy Anderson, AP) if you are offended by the title.”

Let’s examine that claim a little more closely, shall we? When you click on the link to the originating AP wire story, here’s what you get for a headline:


Hmmm. Nothing about White Women. So where would Fox Nation get that race-baiting headline? You’d have to read all the way down to the 10th paragraph in order to have a clue:


Black men and White women. The biggest 'Merkin dog whistle of them all. Tweet. Tweet.