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Fox News The Obama Manners Police On Afghanistan Speech

Reported by Ellen - June 23, 2011 -

It’s time for Fox News to add “Manners Police” to their badges that already appoint them Religion and Race Police. You may recall that after the capture of Osama Bin Laden, Fox Newsies whined that President Obama didn’t give enough credit to George W. Bush. Now, in the wake of Obama’s speech on Afghanistan last night (6/22/11), Fox is whining that Obama didn’t give enough credit to General David Petraeus. I guess making him head of the CIA wasn’t enough recognition. Apparently, President Obama didn’t get the memo that he needs to check with Fox before going to church, before inviting someone to the White House and now before giving a speech to make sure it passes muster.

As Media Matters noted, Fox's criticisms are very reminiscent of VP Bill Sammon's ginned up attack on Obama's 2009 speech in Cairo. In that instance, Sammon issued a memo complaining that Obama did not use the words "terror," "terrorist," or "terrorism" and was promptly repeated by network hosts. Apparently, Fox News is the dictionary police, too.

Video via Media Matters.

The "no thanks to Petraeus" story is currently the top item at Fox Nation.


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