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Fox News Tweet(s) Du Jour – One Fox Nation Under God

Reported by Aunty Em - June 19, 2011 -

As News Hounds has reported many times in the past, the Fox Nation web site can, at times, be even more unfair and unbalanced than the Fox News Channel, if that’s even possible. Today the Twitter feed @FoxNation pumped out three gems that are well worth examining in detail.

But first, some very recent history: Before he caught himself in his own zipper, Congressman Anthony Weiner was working to have Supreme Court Justice Clarence investigated for alleged illegalities with his tax returns and the fact that he had not recused himself in cases in which his wife may have held a financial and/or lobbying interests. In fact some of the more conspiracy-minded have claimed that Weiner was targeted, and had to be taken down, in order to protect Justice Thomas. After 3 weeks of Weinergate, the NYT finally remembered the Thomas story. Yesterday it published a new angle on the Thomas story called “Friendship of Justice and Magnate Puts Focus on Ethics.” The article details an unusual link between Clarence Thomas, Harlan Crow, and the non-profit Pin Point museum in Georgia. It’s a long, convoluted story well worth reading. However, one small paragraph reads:

Supreme Court ethics have been under increasing scrutiny, largely because of the activities of Justice Thomas and Ms. Thomas, whose group, Liberty Central, opposed President Obama’s health care overhaul — an issue likely to wind up before the court. Mr. Crow’s donation to Liberty Central was reported by Politico.

But don’t worry, Justice Thomas, Fox Nation has your back:


Not surprisingly, there’s nothing in the article trashing Clarence Thomas, although it poses some very interesting questions, just like good journalism should.

The other two Fox Nation tweets are two-fers, in that they each appear to have two reasons to exist and, in both cases, the 2nd reason is to trash the competition. Up first:


Clicking on the link takes one to the Fox Nation page, which says simply, “Latest Lib Media Attack on Michele Bachmann: Did She Really Foster Care for 23 Children? Click here for CBS video—” If you bother to click through to the actual video (and Fox is counting on the fact that its audience will be too tired to even get this far) posted on YouTube you’ll find a 56 second video called “Is Bachmann exaggerating her foster care record?” Underneath it says:

Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.), who will soon announce her official presidential campaign, has repeatedly said she and her husband have raised 23 foster care children. At the Republican Leadership Conference in New Orleans Friday, CBSNews.com senior political reporter Brian Montopoli asked Bachmann to clarify.

Others also wondered how Michelle Bachman could have raised 23 foster children, so it seems like a perfectly legitimate and fair question. Not surprisingly, there’s nothing in the video to support Fox Nation’s characterizing 2 simple questions as an attack. But don’t worry, Michelle Bachmann, Fox Nation has your back.

And lastly: Don’t worry, God, Fox Nation has your back.