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Fox News Tweet Du Jour: The Bolling ACORN Doesn’t Fall Far From The Fox News Tree

Reported by Aunty Em - June 18, 2011 -

Remember ACORN? Sadly, the advocate group for poor and disadvantaged ‘Merkins was utterly destroyed by the deceptively edited ‘Pimp & Ho’ videos created by James O’Keefe and disseminated by Andrew Breitbart. Once Fox News started running the videos, it was all over. Lawmakers quickly defunded the group, based on no more evidence than these bogus videos. This forced ACORN to declare bankruptcy in November of last year. Yet, investigation after investigation has exonerated ACORN and pointed the finger at James “Pimp” O’Keefe. In fact, just this week the Government Accounting Office weighed in after an extensive investigation. According to ConsumerAffairs.com, “GAO Finds Little to Support Congress' Abolition of ACORN.” You’d think that based on all the investigations concluding ACORN engaged in no wrong-doing that Fox News would stop denigrating the organization. However, you’d be wrong.


However, an advantage of Twitter is that one can engage in discussions with people in real time. That’s why I posed the following question to Mr. Bolling:


I’ll let you know if I ever get a reply, although I don’t really expect one.

Just to remind you who got screwed, here’s ACORN’s Mission Statement:

The Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN) aims to organize a majority consituency of low- to moderate-income people across the United States. The members of ACORN take on issues of relevance to their communities, whether those issues are discrimination, affordable housing, a quality education, or better public services. ACORN believes that low- to moderate-income people are the best advocates for their communities, and so ACORN's low- to moderate-income members act as leaders, spokespeople, and decision-makers within the organization.