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Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck Get "Payola?"

Reported by Priscilla - June 17, 2011 -

"Payola" refers "to any secret payment made to cast a product in a favorable light (such as obtaining positive reviews)." It is associated with a scandal, during the 50's, in which radio DJ's were found to have taken money in return for promoting records. Flash forward to 2011 and it appears that Fox's Sean Hannity and Glenn Beck (as well as hate radio jocks Mark Levin and Rush Limbaugh) have been engaging in a little "quid pro quo" with conservative groups who get their messages and their organizations endorsed, on Beck's and Hannity's *radio shows, in return for a little "scarole" that goes to the distribution companies for the shows of the aforementioned personalities. "Politico" has an interesting article which details how Beck pimps the teabagging "Freedom Works" while Hannity gives his imprimatur to the right wing "Heritage Foundation." How shocking! One would think that Beck and Hannity, being true believers, would be motivated, not by money, but by true love.

*Correction - Article refers to Beck and Hannity radio shows which are not connected to Fox News.