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Fox News Tweet(s) Du Jour: The All Beef Weiner Edition

Reported by Aunty Em - June 16, 2011 -

When the New York Times broke the news that (now former)-Congressman Anthony Weiner would resign today, it didn’t take long for the Fox News Channel to start the full-court press, with virtual wall to wall coverage. Even before the NYT made the announcement there was some decided weirdness on Fox News Twitter feeds, like having the well-respected political pundit Larry the Cable Guy (No! Really!) to comment on the controversy:


It was also interesting that Fox News tweeted an opinion piece by Andrea Tantaros:


Tantaros ends her editorial by saying, “Today, the saga that was decorated with double entendres has come to a close and we're left with simply one lesson: if you're guilty, just resign.” Yet I don’t recall ever hearing Fox News demanding a resignation from Republican David Vitter, who not only actually broke the law by frequenting hookers, but did so wearing a diaper. Eww!

As Ellen has already pointed out Foxnews.com already had him gone almost 2 hours before the actual announcement (which could have led to an uncomfortable “Dewey Defeats Truman” moment). But it was on the Fox Newsers Twitter feeds where many showed their true colors, resorting to using up the very last of their “dick jokes.” There were literally dozens of tweets, but here are some of the highlights…or lowlights as the case may be:





But, I’ve saved the biggest dick joke for last: