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Cavuto Doesn’t React As Rick Perry Explains His Lack Of Support In Texas By Likening Himself To A Prophet

Reported by Ellen - June 15, 2011 -

Potential presidential candidate Gov. Rick Perry (R-TX) just happened to drop by Your World yesterday (6/14/11) for a lengthy interview FoxNews.com cutely called Help Wanted (both parts). Cavuto asked such candidacy-loving questions as “What would it take for you to join the race?” and “What would you do if you were president?” Perry also offered an eye-popping explanation for why he’s more popular out of Texas than he is inside it by saying, “A prophet is generally not loved in their hometown. That’s both Biblical and practical.” Cavuto had no comment. Given how he overlooked other flaws in Perry's record, I suppose we should be grateful he didn’t say, “Amen.”

As Perry boasted about the business-friendly climate in Texas, Fox News producers posted a helpful graphic called, “TAKING BUSINESS TO TEXAS” showing a slew of businesses that have presumably relocated there.

As any Texan can tell you, there’s plenty in Perry’s economic record that’s not so rosy. Think Progress pointed out that while Perry may answer Republican prayers by entering the race, Texas has a record budget deficit, the third highest poverty rate in the country, and the highest percentage of uninsured residents in the country. Think Progress also noted that "Perry has a history of ducking tough questions by invoking religion, and has suggested in the past that he’s just implementing God’s will on Earth."

But instead of challenging Perry on any of that, Cavuto jokingly asked how Perry enticed the burger chain Carl’s Jr to Texas.

Perry replied, “Freedom. Freedom. They love the smell of freedom.”

Perry's "prophet" comments are in the first video below.

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