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Glenn Beck Suggests Armed Insurrection Against Obama And His Administration

Reported by Ellen - June 14, 2011 -

Glenn Beck may be getting ready to depart Fox News but he’s apparently looking to go out with a bang – at least proverbially.

In a discussion yesterday about “significant new powers” being given to “Eric Holder’s Justice Department” agents, Beck also complained about a small arms treaty being prepared at the U.N. that, he claimed, “will only enforce rougher licensing requirements, create more red rape and possibly an international gun registry – as if terrorists give a flying crap about registering their gun or their machete before they kill you. This will do nothing but make it harder for you to get a gun.”

Beck then asked, “Why would you get a gun?” and turned to the screen where he surely knew a photo of Barack Obama and Cass Sunstein (a favorite on Beck’s enemies list) was showing.

Beck pointed to the photo of Obama quite deliberately as he added, “To prepare for tough times, that’s why.”

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