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Jesse T Watters Admits That He's "A Little Rude" - Ya Think!!!!!

Reported by Priscilla - May 31, 2011 -

At the end of the discussion between Bill O'Reilly and his paid stalker (whoops, producer) Jesse T Watters, about how an evil, librul San Francisco sheriff is defying federal immigration law (he isn't), Jesse T Watters appeared to have a moment of true epiphany. During the discussion, Watters said that his dogged pursuit of Sheriff Mike Hennessey was unsuccessful because Hennessey was avoiding him. He claimed that Hennessey, who "had an obligation" to speak with Watters, was a "coward." But after showing the section of video where a public worker, who had other things to do, was being harassed by Watters, Bill O'Reilly's ambush "journalist" uttered words that should be memorialized forever in the Fox "News" memorable quotes hall of shame. He said - are ya ready for it - that in his pursuit of Hennessey, he was "a little rude because that's kinda what we do, here." You go, Jesse!

While this certainly reflects a rare moment of self revelation, it's a bit of an understatement as this is the guy who stalked a female journalist while she was on vacation which is more than "a little rude." This is the guy who has stalked people on their private property which is more than "a little rude". This is the guy "who likes to sneak up on people without warning and ask them questions so that O'Reilly can air video of his enemies looking aggrieved and flustered" which is more than "a little rude." This is the guy who harasses people with questions that bear no connection to reality which is more than "a little rude." And this is the guy who whines about being heckled. Hey Jesse, if you weren't so rude, you might be treated with some respect. And until you walk the walk, you are deserving of every ounce of well earned contempt that follows each of your stalking, smarmy propaganda pieces cuz as O'Reilly pal Bernie Goldberg said about your ambushes, it "isn't anything resembling traditional journalism." You're right, Jesse. It's rude; but that's what you do. Your "no spin" daddy Bill O'Reilly is also rude so I guess we can say the rotten apple doesn't fall far from the Fox "News" diseased tree. And because what you're selling is Bill O'Reilly, in addition to being his pit bull, you're kinda like his pimp. But, unlike Bill, at least you're being kinda honest!


irony.jpg Did ya know that Bill O'Reilly want laws passed to protect famous people from "stalkers, photographers, or otherwise."

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