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Rush Limbaugh Says Democrats Are Scared Of Sarah Palin

Reported by Ellen - May 27, 2011 -

Rush Limbaugh had a lengthy visit with Greta Van Susteren Thursday night (5/26/11) which mostly centered on 2012 politics. Limbaugh gushed over Sarah Palin and repeatedly suggested she’d be a terrific presidential candidate. “Bottom line is, she scares (Democrats),” Limbaugh claimed. That may be true but I highly doubt there’s a single Democrat worried that she’d beat Obama. In fact, recent polls indicate she’d lose by about 20 points.

I don’t care how much Palin talks about a fire in her belly or how many bus tours she takes, I think her presidential candidacy is about as likely as Donald Trump’s was. The fact that Limbaugh doesn’t seem to mind that she may be playing the GOP just as Trump did is more than a little surprising. Despite Limbaugh's bravado, it was just one of many signs of desperation about the Republican field of candidates.

Limbaugh gushed about Palin, “It appears to me her skin is very thick… I think she’s mastering the things that she’s going to have to master if she indeed decides at some point to run.” He was referring to Palin’s political skills. He didn’t say anything about her mastery of any kind of policy.

Speaking from Palm Beach, Florida, the “regular guy” multimillionaire spoke out against “elites.” He said, “The elites are always gonna be afraid of the people who aren’t because there are far fewer elites than there are non-elites.” He meant Republican Party elites were afraid of the non-elites like himself and fellow multimillionaire Everywoman Palin.

See, what Limbaugh knows is that the so-called “conventional wisdom” that a Republican presidential candidate should be a moderate is nothing more than a leftist plot. “Republicans bought into the notion over the years that moderates are the key to victory, the 20% who are undecided… You cannot be argumentative… you can’t appear extreme, you can’t appear mean-spirited.”

I find it pretty darned remarkable that seeming argumentative, mean-spirited extremism is a plus for a candidate in Limbaugh's view. But Van Susteren didn’t find it worth challenging other than to note that Obama won by appealing to moderate independents.

Limbaugh continued, “I think Republicans have bought this… It’s a very clever trick by the left to get Republicans to shut up and not be passionate.”

Later, after Limbaugh called Obama “easily beatable,” he named Sarah Palin first when asked whom he thought Obama would not want to run against. “If I were Obama, I would not want to run against Palin, contrary to what everybody (says)… When they tell us that’s what they hope for, it’s the opposite,” Limbaugh said. He also named Chris Christie, Rick Perry and Rick Santorum as other potentially daunting challengers.

“I think what (Democrats) believe is that they have got to do everything they can to make sure that whoever the Republican nominee is not a conservative,” Limbaugh later added. “They think they can beat a moderate Republican, they know they can beat a liberal Republican, they know they can beat a Republican who’s afraid to be a Republican but they are mostly afraid of a genuine, full-throated, passionate, articulate conservative."

Like Palin!

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