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Fox's Dr. Keith Ablow Says Maria Shriver Should Stand By Her Man

Reported by Priscilla - May 19, 2011 -

Fox's Dr. Keith Ablow is old school. He is sickened by the sight of a woman painting her son's toe nails because that is "an attack on masculinity." He definitely has a problem with transgender issues and recently used Chaz Bono as an example of the "delusional" aspect of gender reassignment. As part of his belief in traditional mores, he recommended in yesterday's column (now on Fox Nation) and in an interview with the not so fair & balanced Martha MacCallum that Maria Shriver should use the occasion of the revelation of her husband's infidelity (which Ablow thinks she might have already been aware of) to "connect with a husband who could confess all of his weaknesses, his doubts and his pain and be (perhaps to his great surprise) loved despite them." He profers this "prescription" - "With Arnold looking weak right now, rather than strong, Maria has a chance to have and to hold her husband as never before." Excuse me while I barf!