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Donald Trump Pulls Out - Fox News Still Helping To Burnish His Image

Reported by Ellen - May 16, 2011 -

Donald Trump has released a written statement announcing that he will not run for president in 2012. You've got to feel a little bit sorry for Fox News as they decide who to cheerlead for next. In fact, Trump is still the beneficiary of Fox News' Republican Rehab as FoxNews.com's article about his withdrawal somehow failed to mention Trump's sinking popularity and voter enthusiasm.

As ABC News reported before Trump pulled out of the race, the signs were "ominous" for his candidacy:

Trump's numbers are so problematic that winning the Republican nomination, let alone the presidency, might be out of reach, several independent pollsters and analysts say. "The numbers are very daunting," David Birdsell, dean of the School of Public Affairs at Baruch College in New York City, said.

Marist College Poll director Lee Miringoff said, "The incline is very steep. He has all kinds of problems that would take a lot of undoing if he is really serious about it."

ABC News cited a Gallup poll of Republican voters conducted between April 25-May 8 which found Trump tied for first place with Mike Huckabee (who just announced he'll not run) and with huge name recognition. But ABC News also noted,

(T)he same survey found that the number of Republicans who dislike Trump has grown to 44 percent, higher than Sarah Palin's unfavorable rating (25 percent) or Newt Gingrich's (also 25 percent).

The combination of high negative ratings and high name recognition suggests it will be difficult for Trump to build support, pollsters say, because nearly every Republican already has formed an opinion about him.

But FoxNews.com didn't find any of that embarrassing-to-Trump information necessary to the "we report, you decide" network's article. Fox was perfectly happy to let their readers think that Trump still had a decent chance of winning. For example, their article began,

Donald Trump announced Monday that he will not run for president, saying he remains confident he could win but that he does not want to leave the private sector... In trademark Trump fashion, he maintained he could have won the election if he wanted to.

Later, the article whitewashed Trump's bogus birtherism:

Trump, though never a candidate, was able to dominate media coverage for weeks while he flirted with the idea of running. The businessman created political turbulence by drawing attention to questions surrounding President Obama's birth certificate, leading Obama to release the long-form version of the document. The release exposed Trump to ridicule at the recent White House Correspondents' Association dinner, but Trump nevertheless claimed a victory in having compelled Obama to produce the document.

FoxNews.com also stated - with unintentional hilarity - "Trump's exit, along with Huckabee's, sets off a scramble not only for their endorsement but for their supporters." I'll give a free News Hounds tee shirt to anyone who can find a single mainstream Republican candidate "scrambling" for Trump's endorsement.

As I've previously noted, Fox seems less enthusiastic about the candidacy of their former colleague, Newt Gingrich. Well, buck up, Foxies, maybe you can persuade Sarah Palin to run.

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