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Fox & Friends Still Pimping Donald "I'm Not A Racist" Trump's Campaign?

Reported by Priscilla - May 9, 2011 -

As the "Church Lady" would say, "Isn't that special" that while Fox "News" had suspended its contracts with possible presidential candidates Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich, it is providing a weekly platform for Donald Trump to pontificate about what he would do if he becomes president. Sweet! There is also a plethora of other GOP presidential wannabees who don't get a regular gigs at Fox. But Fox & Friends hosts a weekly Monday mornings with "the Donald" segment which, as of last week, was a weekly platform for Trump's out there "birther" views. Now that (one hopes) the issue has been put to rest, the three Trump tools (whoops "friends") are moving on to bigger and better things such was "what President Trump" would do about Pakistan. This morning, not only did Trump articulate his foreign policy ideas; but he declared that he's not a racist. But according to the "friends," some nasty "leftie" types are going after Donald who doesn't see color as he's already told us that he "has a great relationship with the blacks." And now that he's reiterated his lack of bigotry (some of his best friends are black?) on Fox & Friends, we know it must be true. Ya think?

Trump's opening comments seemed reasonable. His usual vitriol against President Obama was absent as he commended Obama's performance on 60 minutes. (Gretchen Carlson didn't have her patented happy face on when Trump praised the president.) Gretch asked "what you would do, as president, moving forward with Pakistan." Being ever so humble (not) Trump patted himself on the back for having said, prior to the raid, that OBL was in Pakistan. Trump said that he wouldn't give Pakistan any more money unless they give up their nuclear weapons. Their was more chat about about diplomacy with Pakistan. Gretch remarked to Trump that "we know you tell it like it is." (Right, just like the birther thing!) The gang didn't look happy when Trump said that the raid will help Obama's reelection.

After some straightforward politics, it was pro-Trump propaganda time. The pals then framed the next topic with the question "How do you handle all the attacks you've been getting from the Washington Correspondents Dinner, different so called pundits targeting you and your candidacy?" Doocy said "Saturday Night Live." (Daryl Hammond's Trump was great!) Trump said, re the dinner, that "the entire evening was mocking me." (Thinking about those evil libruls, Gretch smiled.) He claimed that "plenty of people" said "it was a great compliment." Not wasting an opportunity to slam a person who was slammed by so called pundits on Fox News, Doocy said that "Van Jones' political group, "Color of Change" apparently they're targeting your program, 'Celebrity Apprentice..." Doocy described how the group has launched a Twitter campaign to persuade the African Americans on Trump's show to "denounce" Trump's "race baiting." The chyron reinforced the agitprop: "Targeting 'The Apprentice,' Group Calls on Black Cast to Denounce Trump." Trump said that it was "interesting" because Star Jones was fired and that the show has "gotten tremendous ratings." (Say no more, that proves it. Trump can't be a racist). Trump referenced how Van Jones was "thrown out of government" and "now he's criticizing me." When said he didn't care, Gretch said "but, but, the reason this is different is because at the Correspondent's Dinner, those are jokes and you went with the levity of it ; but this accusation is racism and I know that you've face that before but it seems to me to be quite more serious than just a few jokes at the Correspondent's Dinner. Trump then claimed - are ya ready for it - that he's "the least racist person there is." He cited a black winner of the "Apprentice."

Doocy asserted that the criticism was connected to how Trump "wanted to see the President's birth certificate and we have it now and it's put to rest." Doocy then referenced how "Groupon" has pulled its ads from Trump's show after "some leftie blog, "Think Progress," complained about you." Trump responded that his show is great for advertisers and "30 more" will want to take the place of "Groupon." The gang smiled lovingly as Trump talked about how his many "deals" are hammered by critics while Obama's "one deal" in buying a house in Chicago was "hardly criticized." He said that it's difficult for a "successful person" to run for office but the criticism doesn't bother him. Doocy gave Trump a big, wet, metaphorical kiss with "you are successful, you've done a lot, and it's great that you join us every Monday morning."

Comment: This "great show" (according to Trump) didn't bother to comment about the basis for the "race baiting complaints." They didn't mention that the Think Progress "attack" was merely an article which referenced how Trump is using his program to do a little campaigning and how NBC's treatment of Fred Thompson might indicate a double standard. They didn't mention that Van Jones is no longer with Color of Change. They also didn't mention that Groupon's ads were not on Trump's show; but on the website. They acted as though the birther thing was just a matter of "wanting to see the birth certificate" when, in reality, it was part of a vicious, right wing campaign that seeks to de-legitimize Obama as a scary black African. Rather, it was just more of the political love fest that Fox & Friends is promoting for another shameless self promoter. Can't you just feel the love....

Addendum: An African-American former Apprentice candidate says "Trump 'Doesn't Like Educated African-Americans Very Much."


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