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Fox & Friends Still Promoting "Healthy" Chocolate Milk

Reported by Priscilla - May 3, 2011 -

Last week, (April 27th) on "Fox & Friends," Steve Doocy interviewed right wing partisan Fox "News" doctor, Marc Siegel, about how some un-American school departments have taken or are in the process of taking chocolate milk off of the school menu. Siegel promoted a study, commissioned by the dairy industry, which shows that chocolate milk is just fine and dandy. But because Fox & Friends is so "fair & balanced," they later provided some counterpoint which is just fine and dandy except that this was done on the Saturday Fox & Friends and that Fox "friend," Dave Briggs parroted Dr. Siegel's talking points. The chyron's, however, werent' so fair & balanced as they reinforced the Fox message that chocolate milk is being "targeted" by the nefarious forces of the creeping "nanny state"which ranks right up there, with creeping Sharia, on the Fox index of things to be scared of.

Right out of the box, the chyron set the tone: "Making Milk a Target, School Districts Say "No" to Flavored Milk." Dave Briggs first question to LA School Superintendent (a district which is proposing to eliminate flavored milk) was about why he wants chocolate milk "banned" from the schools. John Deasy responded that they seek to eliminate milk with high sugar. He referenced childhood obesity and diabetes. The chyron reinforced the message with the repeat of the more emotionally charged "ban" rather than "eliminate:" "Banning Chocolate Milk, Some Experts Question Health Benefit." Briggs cited the study commissioned by the dairy association which purports to show that if kids refuse to drink flavored milk, they won't be getting adequate nutrition. Briggs added his own touch: "That's how you get kids milk, all parents know that." (So "all parents" give their kids flavored milk in order to get them to drink milk?). He asked Deasy if he was "concerned" that kids would be getting less Vitamin D. Deasy provided some additional information which indicated that Briggs either didn't read the study or was quoting out of context. He spoke of helping students make decisions on other sources of calcium. While he spoke, the chyron brought home the propaganda bacon:

"Milk Madness, Is Chocolate Milk Crackdown Necessary?" (Note how Fox has "framed" the issue as "madness" and has used the more inflammatory word "crackdown" - a word used in conjunction with police or military actions.)

Briggs worked in the right wing agitprop meme that it's up to parents and not evil agents of government to control kids' behavior - which is why we have schools chock full of fatties who are or will be costing the taxpayers and government money in the form of increased health care costs. He said, as the chyron read "Milk Does the Body Good, Debate Over Health Benefits of Flavored Milk:"

"Another thing that's happening is that public schools will be controlling what kids drink. Isn't it a parent's right, a parent's decision to tell their kids what to drink..."

Deasy responded that parents should be involved in helping kids make good choices; but the schools shouldn't be enabling bad choices by kids and parents. The chyron: "Got Milk, Some Schools Saying No to Flavored Milk." Indeed the schools do have milk as pointed out by Deasy who, earlier, had listed options to flavored milk. He told Briggs that the school board will vote on this; but as the school board supports healthy nutrition, it will, most likely, pass.

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