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Fox & Friends Help Rehabilitate Trump And His Birth Certificate Baloney After White House Correspondents Dinner Drubbing

Reported by Ellen - May 2, 2011 -

After the hilarious skewering of Donald Trump Saturday night by both President Obama and Seth Meyers, it was oh-so-predictable that Fox & Friends would bring out the damage control bright and early the next morning. Even worse, the hosts continued to help promote Trump’s birther baloney by saying he “shed light” on the subject – even as he lied about it right then and there. Trump, you’ll be happy to know, didn’t mind the shellacking for himself. No, his thoughts were with the American people who were really suffering. Yeah, we could tell from your face at the time, Donald, just how noble and selfless your thoughts were. (H/T Eric J. and Democratic Underground)

In the introduction, one of the hosts (sorry, I can never tell them apart) said Trump “happened to be there” at the dinner, as though he hadn’t chosen to attend. Trump, to his credit, later said he knew what he was getting into, but didn’t quite expect so many jokes at his expense.

Despite all that, Trump said, “I was thinking to myself as they were doing this that… the American people are really suffering and we’re all having a good time.”

Sure he was, because what the American people really needed was to raise baseless questions about Obama’s birth certificate that were already answered in 2008.

The hosts gave various votes of support to Trump. One chuckled heartily when Trump said Meyers is “a stutterer.” One called the jokes “a little mean.” Another host falsely claimed about Trump’s birtherism, “You brought quite a bit of light to that.”

Yes, and never mind that Trump was proved completely wrong – after he had already harped on an issue that had been completely resolved.

Nobody challenged Trump when he boasted that he was the “only one able” to get Obama to produce his birth certificate – even though Obama had already produced it in 2008.

Then, after a discussion about his F-bomb laden rant that Trump said he’d probably not repeat, the female host said supportively, “You learned your lesson there!”

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