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Hannity "Moves On" From The Birth Certificate Issue By Continuing To Attack Obama Over It

Reported by Ellen - April 28, 2011 -

Remember when Sean Hannity said he just wanted President Obama to produce his birth certificate so we can be done with the issue? Well, guess what? Obama produced it yesterday and Hannity was still harping on it last night, now "wondering" why Obama took so long to produce it. Not just once but over at least four different segments plus the show’s introduction. In a sign that the issue is not going away any time soon, Hannity's now "wondering" about Donald Trump's latest demand - that Obama release his academic transcripts and thesis. Not that any of these are really important issues for Hannity, he wants us to understand.

It's worth noting at the outset that President Obama had already produced his birth certificate in 2008 and it was verified and authenticated by FactCheck.org and PolitiFact in 2008 as well. A few days ago, before Obama released his long-form birth certificate, Fox News' own Shepard Smith reported that Obama had produced his birth certificate.

But in the introduction to his show, Hannity complained about how long it took Obama “to find a piece of paper." Hannity added, "Michelle Malkin has questions.”

Actually, Malkin didn’t have any questions. She completely dismissed the birth certificate issue as well as Donald Trump.

The birth certificate "controversy" was not only the lead-off discussion but took up most of the first three segments on Hannity.

First up, Juan Williams. “Why didn’t he just release it earlier, Juan?” Hannity asked.

Then, later in the segment, Hannity moved on to “just ask,” “Why not release his transcripts? Why not release his thesis?” Then, just as Hannity has pretended all along not to fall in with the birthers, he now said, “I don’t care if he does (release the documents). Honestly, that’s not my focus.”

In the next segment, with Monica Crowley and Sandra Smith, Hannity reiterated, “This shouldn’t have taken two years on the certificate” and went on to showcase Trump’s newer demand that Obama release his school records and prove he deserved to get into Harvard and Columbia.

At the end of that segment, Hannity promised, “Coming up, much more on Donald Trump and the birth certificate controversy.” Hmmm, wasn’t the controversy just settled????

Hannity introduced the next segment, this one with Malkin, by again complaining that Obama took so long to produce the birth certificate. To repeat, what Obama just produced is a longer form of the birth certificate he had already produced.

With her typical sourpuss condescension, Malkin sneered about Obama “wagging his finger" over the issue and called him, "Mr. Waggy McFingerwagger at the media and everyone else.” And speaking of wagging fingers, Malkin she went on to wag her own finger at “the left wingers” and “the media” who had found the birther issue a “useful tool” with which to “demonize the right.”

Sure, Michelle, It must have been those liberal activists who somehow infiltrated “fair and balanced” Fox News and got them to discuss birtherism in at least 52 segments since March 2, 2011.

But to her credit, she went on to denounce the whole birther issue and Donald Trump to go with it.

That prompted Hannity to claim, “This wasn’t my issue either, but as time went on, and Donald Trump brought up the issue, it just seemed to me, just release it and it’s over.” Just like it's over now, I guess!

Even more laughably, Hannity went on to say that now that the birth certificate has been released, “unless anyone comes up with a big smoking gun, it’s not an issue.”

Well, not until later in the show. When it was time for the Great American Panel segment, Hannity announced that the “big issue involving the birth certificate” was the leadoff topic. Once again, Hannity said, “This was never a defining issue for me but I found it odd… All the president had to do is what he did today. Release it, move on and we’re out of the way. Why did he wait so long?”

Guest Fran Tarkenton suggested that it was because Obama wanted the distraction and would probably want to “lose his birth certificate again because we know he doesn’t have any plan to get more jobs, to cut the deficit, in Libya or wherever.”

Guest Alice Stewart, a former Huckabee aide, said, “It should have been done two and a half years ago.”

Rounding out the “fair and balanced” panel of all conservatives was Fox News’ Peter Johnson who mentioned somewhere that he once worked for the former Democratic mayor of New York, David Dinkins. But Johnson has been a GOP footsoldier on Fox News, including during a recent appearance on Hannity where Johnson gushed over Trump’s birther questions as “common sense.” Johnson made no effort to disavow them here. In fact, Johnson suggested the birth certificate was somehow illegitimate, as he said, “My hope, Sean, is that it was released in good faith, that it’s not about victimology… That’s my concern, whether there’s some deeper plan that goes on here.”

So how did “Release-It-And-Move-On” Hannity respond? By planting a thoughtful expression on his face and saying, “That’s an interesting thought.” Then he went on to claim, “I always want to stay on the big issues.” But first, Hannity teased the next segment of the Panel: “the church that Barack Obama, the president and his family attended on Easter Sunday.”

I’m sure Hannity will get to those “big issues” any day now.

Oh, and by the way, it’s not just Hannity. When the news broke that Obama’s long-form birth certificate was available, FoxNews.com let out a dog whistle to birthers by saying the White House had released “what it says (my emphasis) is President Obama’s Long Form Birth Certificate.”

Sadly, PolitiFact also notes that Obama's release of the long-form birth certificate will not likely end the discussion with the birthers and, even worse, may have even encouraged them.

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