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"America Live" Advances Obama As Secret Muslim Smear

Reported by Priscilla - April 28, 2011 -

The Christian right have their holy, white panties in a bunch because President Obama did not issue an Easter message or proclamation this year. Their comments are full of the usual Christian right trope about how Obama sends messages for those non-Christian heathens; yet he disses Christians. On Tuesday, Fox Friend and very good Christian Steve Doocy interviewed a Baptist preacher who suggested that President Obama's lack of an Easter message might indicate a bias against Christianity and a preference for Islam in that, according to the Pastor, Obama has never seen an Islamic holiday that he didn't like. Worth noting is that Pastor Robert Jeffress has said that Islam supports pedophilia. (Can you imagine Catholic crank Bill Donohue's indignation if a liberal, "non-Catholic"had said the same thing about Catholicism!) But for the Christian right and its mouthpiece, Fox News, there is a religious litmus test and Obama is flunking it - despite having expressed some poignant Easter thoughts at an Easter Prayer Breakfast and having attended an Easter Church service albeit at a church that Fox has deemed anathema! Obama can't win these heavenly hosts. Last year, he did sent an Easter message which was criticized because it referenced (God forbid) other religions. And while Pastor Jeffress referenced "proclamations" about Easter, no American president since Carter has issued such a *"proclamation." But if the Christian right ain't happy; ain't nobody happy and if the Christian right ain't happy; Fox "News" is there to assist them in their weeping and gnashing of teeth. Tuesday's "America Live," an official "news" show, did a "fair & balanced" debate during which Megyn Kelly sub, Shannon Bream, advanced the meme, established earlier by Steve Doocy, that Obama isn't right with Jesus.

Shannon Bream set the tone: "Some Critics" (Right, Fox News and the religious right) "are still grumbling today about the lack of an Easter message from President Obama. The White House usually issues a statement or observance on other religious holidays like Ramadan and Passover, the president having signed at least eight of those in the last few months. But not for Easter Sunday, Christianity's most sacred holiday." She played the video of Obama's press secretary, "brushing off" a question about this alleged affront. Her first question to Juan Williams was about how the White House is frustrated about polling numbers that come out - are ya ready for it - which show "that a significant number of Americans question the president's faith and wonder if he's truly Muslim although he says again and again he's a Christian. So is it fair for the White House to take a little heat that he didn't step up and be more vocal on Easter." Williams said that it's only fair as a rebuttal to the construct that Obama is a Muslim "Manchurian Candidate."

Bream did note that Obama did some Easter activities including a prayer breakfast. Right wing Lars Larson responded that Obama is the public face of a country with a deeply Christian tradition. He did the requisite comment about how Obama recognizes other celebrations including the "phoney baloney Kwanzaa." (Got racism?) He said it's a "big deal" that the president fails to mention this "major Christian holiday." (Actually, Lars, it's a "holy day") Lars nailed the propaganda when he worked in the requisite comment about how "Obama forgets Christians" and that his past church was about "hating America." (As opposed to "Christians" who hate gays?)

Bream got creds for saying that it wasn't right to smear Kwanzaa; but then she said that "Lars had a point" for saying that Obama recognizes a lot of other holidays. She continued with - are ya ready for it - a reference to a state dinner recognizing the Muslim Ramadan and that's something "that invites criticism." Williams said that the criticism is from those who think he's paying more attention to Islam. Larson said that Obama is paying more attention to Islam and that Obama "bows down" to Muslim leaders and then "disses Easter." He then accused Obama of consciously refusing to send an Easter message.

Comment: So let's say, for the sake of argument that Obama forgot to send an Easter message. Rather than just addressing the oversight and moving on, the right wing and Fox News is using this oversight to try to paint Obama as a Christian hating member of a religion loathed by the Christian right. Along with the birther meme, this one also seeks to delegitimize the president. Interestingly, Obama did issue a Passover message which was dissed by Glenn Beck who claimed Obama was being offensive to Jews with his reference to peace in the Middle East. This message, although cited by Bream, was not mentioned by Larson or Pastor Jeffress as it would have taken away from the Obama prefers Muslims meme and would also say that Obama loves Jews more than Christians and that's rather dicey. And BTW, aren't "Christians" supposed to "turn the other cheek" when they get "dissed?"

*Note to my fox loving fan who used a link to an AP site to prove that us heathens are wrong about no Easter proclamations since 1980. The AP reproduces what is called President Bush's 2006 Easter "proclamation." However, a search of the Bush proclamation archives does not produce any Easter "proclamations." What, what, could the five cents man be wrong? Oh, noooo. Say it isn't so. And another note to he whose lips are affixed to the Fox logo. "Morning Joe" has done some royal family material; but they've also interviewed the Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer (labor party), British historian Nigel Ferguson, and special trade advisor to the PM, Lord Britton about Britain's new austerity plans. Not the kind of in-depth discussion you'd find on Fox & Friends where on Tuesday they celebrated National Pretzel Day. Perhaps if said Fox lover didn't spend as much time glued to Fox, he might learn something! And "Cecelia" - you're breaking my heart. If you "cringe" at my "pathological lying," you might want to address your concerns on this blog rather than whining on an obscure blog run by a Fox News sycophant. Just saying.... Cheers!

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