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Steven Doocy & Christian Pastor Guest Say Obama Prefers Muslims?

Reported by Priscilla - April 26, 2011 -

There is no depth to which America's morning "Christian" Fox propaganda show, Fox & Friends, won't go to smear President Obama. One of the major Obama smears, aided and abetted by "Fox & Friends," is that Obama isn't sufficiently Christian and that he's biased against Christians. (Former membership in the liberal UCC is considered close to seditious!) This is a meme that feeds into the right wing creed that Obama is really a secret Muslim. This morning, Fox & Friends, the show that specializes in persecuted "Christians," promoted another Obama smear that seems to have been "broken," yesterday, by Fox Nation - a Fox "News" blog promoted to "those who oppose intolerance;" but, in reality, is a racist, xenophobic, and anti-Muslim hate site. And surprise, surprise, this Fox Nation smear, about how Obama didn't issue an official proclamation about Easter, is all about Obama's lack of respect towards Christianity with a smattering of the requisite Islam baiting. According to good, conservative Catholic Steve Doocy and his Islamophobic, Christian pastor guest, Barack Obama neglected to officially acknowledge Easter. Turns out that this is a lie; but in the Orwellian world of Fox "News" lying about Obama is actually telling the truth - black is white, up is down, and we all hate the President. Meanwhile, Morning Joe is live in London where the reality based grown-ups of MSNBC are discussing world events and the British politics, culture, and economics.

As the agitprop chyron read "Forgotten Holiday, President Fails To Release Easter Decree." (Note, not a word was said about Passover but in "America's Newsroom," there's only one true faith and that doesn't include anybody who isn't one of Jesus' BFF's.) Good "Christian" Steve Doocy reported that Obama didn't release an Easter proclamation and the White House "laughed it off." He played a clip of White House press secretary, Tim Carney, responding to a question about the lack of an Easter statement from Kara Rowland of the right wing "Washington Times." Doocy asked Pastor Robert Jeffress, of First Baptist Church of Dallas, about Obama never having issued an official proclamation about Easter "which is one of Christianity's sacred holidays." Jeffress is rabidly Islamophobic and has never apologized for his statement that Islam supports pedophilia. He was last seen in December, on Fox & Friends, when the good Fox & Friends "Christians" pimped Jeffress' website listing businesses that don't sufficiently observe Christmas. He has said that AIDS is a gay disease and attempted to rid a library of books that mentioned gay parents. Immediately, out of the box, Jeffress smeared Obama with the requisite Islamophobic reference are ya ready for it -

"Steve, let's look at what's really going on, here. On the one hand we have a president who didn't meet a Muslim holiday that he didn't like or at least wasn't willing to issue a proclamation for and on the other hand refusing to acknowledge, publicly, the most important event in Christian faith...and yet the White House is wondering, why do 20% of Americans think he's a Muslim."

The chyron: "Did you get my message, WH Laughs Off Criticism Over No Easter Decree." Jeffress said that this makes people wonder "what the president really believes." Doocy wanted to know if this was sloppy work on the president or "is there something else behind it." Jeffress suggested that Obama has staff who say it's "politically expedient to ignore Christianity and elevate other world religions like Islam." The chyron reinforced the ongoing Fox agitprop: "Religious Bias, President Issues Decrees For Muslim Holidays." Jeffress continued with his rant about how Obama reconized Earth Day and Muslim Holidays. The chyron: No Easter Proclamation, President Has Never Issued Easter Decree." Jeffress said this is "deeply troubling for Christians." Doocy said that Obama did mention Easter at a recent breakfast; but neglected to say that this was a prayer breakfast. He scrunched up his face as he asked if Jeffress thinks that politics are behind this. Jeffress brought home the propaganda bacon:"I do think that the president has demonstrated a tin ear when it comes to the Christian faith." He claimed that this is "part of a continuing pattern" and claimed that when in Turkey, Obama said that "America is not a Christian nation." He also mentioned Obama's comment about Christians clinging to their religion and that is part of a problem that Obama has with evangelical Christians.

Comment: As the "Church Lady" would say, "isn't that special" that the nice, Christian pastor would tell a big fat fib about Obama who, in Turkey, made the truthful comment that the US "is not a Christian nation, or a Jewish nation, or a Muslim nation." The cropped quote got lots of mileage in the Christian right and on Fox "News." But the even bigger piece of propagandistic crap is that there hasn't been a Presidential Easter Proclamation since 1980 and that would include St. Ronald Reagan and the uber Christian George Bush. And when Obama sent out an Easter Greeting in 2009, he was attacked because he mentioned religions other than Christianity. Like other presidents, Obama has issued statements commemorating other religions. But yeah, he's a secret Muslim who hates Christians. Jesus loves Fox & Friends, yes he does...

Correction: Steve Doocy didn't actually "say" that Obama prefers Muslims but he offered no counterpoint to pastor's suggestion that Obama does discriminate against Christians in favor of Muslims.

And Obama did issue a Passover messagae. This was a letter, not a proclamation.


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