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When Did Fox News Make Sean Hannity An Investigator?

Reported by Ellen - April 25, 2011 -

Whenever it's accused of bias, Fox News points to its supposed separation of news and opinion programming and complains that others are wrongly conflating the two operations. In that case, I'd like to know when Sean Hannity - whose 9 PM ET show airs indisputably during Fox's "editorial page" hours - became part of Fox News' objective lineup. Because without indicating any shift in his official role, Fox News is now trumpeting Hannity - on of Fox News' most biased hosts - as an "investigator" - of liberal media bias, no less.

As we previously posted, the Hannity show spent a full hour Friday night (4/22/11) on his special about so-called liberal media bias - a show he would have quickly denounced had it been aired on any other network that used the same "journalistic" standards to complain about conservative bias.

But not only did Fox News allow that bit of conflation in which "editorial" side Hannity suddenly presented himself as a "news" guy, (without the requisite standards to go with it), now the "fair and balanced" network is showcasing what it calls his "investigation." So either Hannity has changed hats and, without telling his viewers, has become part of Fox News' "objective" reporting or Fox News has itself conflated his role. I'll report and let you decide.

From the Fox Fan Scoop email received today:


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