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Fox News Rehabilitates Andrew Breitbart, Allows Him To Posture As A Uniter Not A Divider

Reported by Ellen - April 23, 2011 -

If Fox News thinks Andrew Breitbart is a legitimate pundit, then they ought to give Dan Rather his own prime time show pronto. Breitbart, you may recall, promoted, vouched for and lied about the deceptively edited ACORN videos. He also promoted the deceptively-edited Shirley Sherrod video and then recently misrepresented what he had said about it on his own website. Breitbart was also disinvited from ABC News’ election night coverage last fall for overstating his role in their coverage. Furthermore, Breitbart also boasts about his hostility toward liberals. But Breitbart was welcomed as a legitimate pundit for the leadoff “Top Story” segment on The O’Reilly Factor last night (4/22/11) and given a pass both on his questionable history and his ludicrous claim that he worries about divisiveness in our country.

Juan Williams was the guest host. FoxNews.com later titled its video for the segment with the Cavuto Mark of a question: Is Obama Stoking Class Warfare? This while Breitbart's cultural warfare got a complete pass.

Of course, any Fox News fan already knew the answer to the class warfare question, thanks to a recent Fox Nation headline, Obama Launches Sickening Class War Assault Against Republicans. How nice for Breitbart that Fox put him on the “winning” side.

What got largely overlooked in the Sherrod debacle was that Breitbart’s original intent in releasing that video was to discredit the NAACP as being racism enablers. Sherrod was intended to be collateral damage in Breitbart’s scheme. But if you thought that might stick in the mind of Williams – even though Breitbart announced his agenda on Fox News – you’d be wrong. Williams introduced Breitbart merely as “author of the brand new book (Williams named the title and subtitle).” Not a word was said about Breitbart’s record of deceit and dishonesty. The banner on the screen described Breitbart as “conservative activist.”

In fact, within seconds, Breitbart was full of new deceit. Breitbart, of course, agreed that Obama was engaging in “class warfare” and brought up the Wisconsin protests as an example (Breitbart forgot to mention that Obama was indisputably in synch with the opinions of most Americans about the labor dispute). But in an effort to marginalize Obama as some kind of labor radical, Breitbart went on to claim that AFL-CIO head Richard Trumka “visited the White House more than anyone.”

Breitbart was probably thinking of Glenn Beck’s claim that former SEIU head Andy Stern was the most frequent visitor to the White House – a claim PolitiFact rated as “false.” Breitbart may have been thinking of AFL-CIO head Trumka (and wouldn't all union heads look the same to a guy like Breitbart who has vowed to go after them next?) because the Center for Public Integrity noted he had visited the White House at least 48 times (often for social or ceremonial functions) and complained that the purpose had been left out of the visitors logs on most of those occasions. But neither the Center nor Politico, which also covered the story, claimed that Trumka was the most frequent visitor.

Williams let the falsehood stand.

But that was nothing compared to Breitbart’s next whopper: “I’m worried about class warfare being played up into the summer with the bad economy, bad gas prices and you now have Americans pitted against each other.”

Now that’s rich, if you’ll pardon the expression. This is the guy who yelled “Go to hell” to the counter protesters at a tea party rally in Wisconsin, the guy who said the same thing to the NAACP (and then trumpeted it on his website), the guy who threatened to blackmail President Obama, the guy who said, “I want it to be in the history books of saying I took down the institutional left and I believe it’s going to happen within the next three weeks,” (that was last year), the guy who called liberal protesters "not Americans; they're animals" and, last but not least, the guy who responded to one of my tweets calling out deceptive claims about the ACORN videos by childishly calling me a “Sovietologist.” THAT Breitbart now said, “I’m very nervous about the tone that he’s setting for this country, going into a bad economy, going into a hot summer.”

Once again, Williams gave Breitbart a pass. Williams even took it a step further by saying, “This is an interesting point.”

I’m sorry to say that the liberal guest, Leslie Marshall, a Fox News contributor, also gave Breitbart a pass, though she did a decent job with the rest of it. I don’t have a problem with liberals appearing on Fox or even becoming paid contributors there. But I do have a problem when they give Fox and people like Breitbart a pass on such egregious behavior.

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