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Fox And Hannity’s Ridiculous Whine About A War On Easter

Reported by Ellen - April 22, 2011 -

Poor, poor Sean Hannity. He may be a multimillionaire but as a white Christian, he faces terrible discrimination in America. It used to be just the War on Christmas. But now the forces of evil secular liberalism are threatening Easter - or at least Hannity would have you think so. And what better way to show off being a Christian than to use your victimhood as an excuse to attack people who disagree with you? Unfortunately, in this case, Hannity’s examples of the Easter War had almost nothing to do with Easter, much less a war on it, and his Christianity-crusader guest was – well, I hate to say it but she seemed almost demonic. Updated.

I’m sure the folks at Fox searched high and low for proof that President Obama is somehow behind the War on Easter (don’t forget those dastardly environmentally-friendly Easter Eggs!) or at least some high-profile liberal that Fox News loves to hate, such as Van Jones or a union member or even a Muslim. But, apparently, the best they could do was Lady Gaga (for her new song called, “Judas”) and Ricky Gervais who had the nerve to criticize Christians at this time of year. Surely, they could have found something “better” from Bill Maher!

For some reason, the two guests were attorneys, rather than, say, religious experts. Arguing on behalf of the persecuted Christians was a woman named Jennifer Smetters, identified merely as a “trial attorney.” Smetters has previously appeared on Fox News to make the bizarre argument that Elena Kagan was not qualified to be on the Supreme Court because she lacked business experience. Smetters seemed just as cogent on the subject of the War on Easter.

Not even Hannity seemed able to explain just how Easter is in danger. Instead, he complained about “the double standard as it relates to Christianity.” Of course, if anyone should know about a double standard, it’s Hannity.

Smetters, not surprisingly, agreed and argued that “what’s going on here is that some groups are finding that a group (Christianity) that is tolerant, quiet, maybe somewhat passive and understanding about people who have doubts, they’re mistaking those attributes for weakness, for stupidity. That’s not the case.”

What that has to do with a War on Easter, she never explained. However, after bragging about the tolerance of Christians (again), she complained that Gervais’ comments were “out of line.”

The other guest was Fox News' legal analyst Mercedes Colwin, arguing that Gervais and Lady Gaga were all about trying to create controversy for monetary gain and attention. But even Colwin agreed there’s a “huge target on Christians.” However, she pointed out that Lady Gaga is a Christian who went to Catholic school.

Colwin’s comments seemed to unglue Smetters. She babbled something about the “moral decay of our society” and cried out, "That does not make it right!" with a level of sanctimony to rival Michelle Malkin. Later, Smetters seemed almost frenzied as she announced that Lady GaGa is “not walking the walk and she’s not talking the talk… I don’t care where she went to school. The bottom line is that she’s an influence to young youth (as opposed to old youth?) in. this. country.” Smetters went on to complain that the “Judas” song was “poorly timed.” Flamboyantly counting off on her fingers, she exclaimed, “Do it in August, do it in September, not during Easter week!” She emitted an odd giggle before adding, “Restraint and respect is what we pride ourselves on as a moral and civil society and they are walking all over it.”

By the way, if Smetters cares so much about restraint and civility, what’s she doing on Fox News anyway? Or does hate mongering just not count as intolerant and un-Christian when it’s aimed at Democrats and liberals?

Update: Fox News also attacked Lady Gaga's song on at least two other shows.

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