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Steve Doocy Is A Birther?

Reported by Priscilla - April 18, 2011 -

On today's edition of Fox & Friends Monday Mornings With Donald, Donald Trump continued to bray about how President Obama hasn't shown a birth certificate which continues to be ludicrous because Obama showed a birth certificate to obtain a passport (uh oh, is the US passport office in on the conspiracy?). Steve Doocy, doing his patented hand gestures and high pitched whine, said "He could end it simply. Just show it to us and it's over." Trump said "just show us the birth certificate." Trump thanked a grinning and head bobbing Doocy for the validation. Doocy giggled as Trump continued with the crazy talk about how an airline pilot thanked him for bringing up the birth certificate and urged him to not give it up. He then accused Karl Rove, who said that the birther issue makes Trump a "joke" candidate, of taking a "cheap shot" against him. You just can't make this stuff up! Oh, right. We're talking Steve Doocy!

BTW, I've attached a Daily Show video during which Jon Stewart spoofs Trump's Hawaii birther investigators. It's about 43 seconds in; but the whole video is worth watching.


The Daily Show
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