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Bill O'Reilly Is Wrong - SEIU IS A Public Service Union!

Reported by Priscilla - April 18, 2011 -

Last Wednesday, in yet another example of Bill O'Reilly pulling facts from the nether areas of his body, he stated, as fact, something that is fiction. In discussing the recent Wisconsin union protests, he and Dagen McDowell advanced the right wing anti-union meme that union protests are rowdy affairs which involve arrests of participants. After O'Reilly said that public service unions are involved in the protests, McDowell commented that SEIU organized the protest in Washington where there were 17 arrests. She went on to cite another rally, in NY, in which University of NY professors were arrested. O'Reilly asserted "The SEIU, so everybody knows, is not a public service union; it's a private union. But they're getting behind all of this union stuff and provoking these kinds of confrontations." O'Reilly is full of bold, fresh you know what. SEIU is "the second largest union of public service employees with more than 1 million local and state government workers, public school employees, bus drivers, and child care providers - including 80,000 early learning and child care professionals." In my state, these SEIU folks (referred to as "union thugs" by the right wing) include state social workers who make sure that the elderly, disabled, poor families, and abused/neglected children get the services and interventions that they need. Union thugs, indeed. Once again, Bill O'Reilly didn't do the requisite fact checking or he's just lying in order to spread right wing propaganda. I report, you decide! (BTW, I don't recall O'Reilly focusing his disdain on rowdy teabaggers who were being disruptive at Town Hall meetings and spitting on African American legislators!)


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