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Bill O'Reilly's War On Planned Parenthood, War On Women, Continues

Reported by Priscilla - April 13, 2011 -

Bill O'Reilly, a rich conservative Catholic, hates abortion. Yes, the man who was accused of sexual harassment, by a woman in his employ, has a moral issue with a medical procedure that is legal. And like his anti-choice cronies, who have no problem with taxpayer funded bombs falling on post born Muslim children yet want to dictate what a woman can do with her own fetus, he supports the defunding of Planned Parenthood. He keeps predicting that it will happen; but unfortunately for Bill, it hasn't! But being a stalwart purveyor of "pro-life" propaganda, he never wastes an opportunity to bash Planned Parenthood. And while he's a little more subtle than in his demonization of an abortion provider as a killer, his anti-choice talking points are rather obvious. Bill did win a "courage award" from the SPLC designated hate group, The Family Research Center, for his role in creating a climate of hatred in which Dr. George Tiller was assassinated. Who knows, maybe Bill is in the running for a second award!

On April 6th, Bill interviewed anti-choice activist, Lila Rose and Leslie Marshall about the journalistic ethics involved in doing the sting videos against NPR and Planned Parenthood. (Bill screamed that NPR "is a left wing organization). Bill's line of questioning, to famous anti-Planned Parenthood sting videographer Lila Rose, was objective and straightforward. But after Lila presented her standard lies about Planned Parenthood (uninterrupted by Bill), Bill claimed that while federal money doesn't go for abortions, Planned Parenthood does a "sleight of hand" - a phrase similar to Mike Huckabee's use of "sleight of hand" to describe Planned Parenthood. He then gave Rose credit in saying that she "proved that some cases they absolutely, Planned Parenthood was breaking the law by advising underage people to do x,y, and z.

Fact Check - Lila Rose didn't prove bupkis with her allegedly doctored videos. The Justice Department reviewed the material and will not be prosecuting. A clinic worker, in New Jersey was fired for violating clinic standards - not breaking the law.

On April 7th, Bill told Rep. Charlie Rangel that "nobody's life is affected by Planned Parenthood." Right Bill, tell that to a woman whose been diagnosed with cervical cancer thanks to a Planned Parenthood pap smear.

On April 11th, during a discussion with Juan Williams and Mary Katherine Ham, he said that "I don't want Planned Parenthood funded by the government. I don't want it. If it's that worthy, private donations." Gee Bill, lots of folks didn't approve of the war in Iraq. Perhaps private donations should have funded it? But seriously, Bill doesn't think a health care service for low income women isn't "worthy?" Seriously?

On April 11, during the "Reality Check" segment, he played video of movie stars Kathleen Turner, Scarlet Johanson, and Gweneth Paltrow expressing their support for Planned Parenthood. After Scarlet Johanson stated that Planned Parenthood allows women being able to control their own destiny, Bill said - are ya ready for it -_

"If a woman wants to control her own destiny, she won't rely on the federal government." (I guess that he who is looking out for us doesn't understand that, for poor women, government is sometimes the only option.) He continued, "While the Factor respects the point of view of those ladies" (Oh, NO, it doesn't) "a simple suggestion for them, why not raise private money for Planned Parenthood. Everybody wins that way or am I wrong?"

Comment: Hard to believe, Bill, but you're quite wrong. There's no way that private donations can match the federal monies that go to an organization that does allow women to control their reproductive destiny - something that you "pro-life" dudes don't seem to appreciate. Am I right? And if private donations can't cover the costs of Planned Parenthood, then these women will no longer have access to the kind of low cost health care that they get with Planned Parenthood. I guess that's not your concern, Bill. As the old song goes, "the rich get rich and the poor get babies" and STD's and cancer...Ain't we got fun!

And I've got a suggestion for you Bill. Why don't you do to yourself what you wanted to do to Andrea Mackris - if you know what I'm saying!!!