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Sarah Palin And Judge Jeanine Pirro Join Fox News' Birther Trump-A-Palooza

Reported by Ellen - April 11, 2011 -

We can add Sarah Palin and Fox News host Jeanine Pirro as the latest suck ups to pretend that Donald Trump's utterly and thoroughly debunked accusations about President Obama's “missing” birth certificate are not only credible but newsworthy. Pirro is not just a lawyer but a former judge so you'd think she'd know how to recognize credible evidence and have the gumption to stand up for truth. But, sadly, Palin was the one who sounded less interested in and enthusiastic about the “controversy.” She unequivocally said she thought Obama was born in Hawaii and why. However, in support of Trump and, of course, Fox News - which more than two years into Obama's presidency has suddenly decided it's a burning issue just at the same time that it vaulted Donald Trump into the front runners of the 2012 Republican candidates – Palin gave Trump's “investigation” her blessing. “More power to him,” she said.

During an interview on Justice with Judge Jeanine on Saturday (4/9/11), Pirro asked Palin, “What do you think of the fact that the president is refusing to show his birth certificate?” Pirro went on to falsely allege, in concert with Trump, that Obama has spent millions of dollars to “not show” his birth certificate. She also said that there's a difference between a birth certificate and a certificate of live birth - giving the misleading and false impression that the certificate of live birth, which Obama has released, is somehow less authoritative than the long-form birth certificate. Then, after that set up, Pirro “asked” Palin, “But what do you think? Is that relevant?”

One can only hope that Pirro displayed more fidelity to facts and integrity when she was on the bench.

Palin said she thinks Obama was born in Hawaii because there was an announcement put in the newspaper but she called it “perplexing” that Obama seemed to be hiding something. She added that Trump “may get to the bottom of it because he's spending the resources that probably would be necessary.”

I dunno but it sounded a bit to me like faint praise of the guy who has suddenly upstaged her in the "Will he/she run in 2012" department. Or maybe she doesn't want to open herself up to calls to prove that Trig is really her son.

Video via Mediaite

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