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Gretchen Carlson Doesn't Need No Stinking Fact Checking!

Reported by Priscilla - April 11, 2011 -

SNL's parody of Fox & Friends took aim at the sorry state of "fact checking" done on that morning show featuring "Coffee, Smiles, Fear, and Terror." SNL accurately picked up on the accuracy of the show that brought us a report sourced from "facts" from a satire website and the story of Obama's education at a radical Indonesian madrassah - a "fact" that turned out to be fiction and one which Fox & Friends had to walk back from. This morning, former Miss America presented a segment in which the facts are far more nuanced than what was presented - and that begs the question of whether Fox & Friends is more interested in propaganda, than facts!

While the chyron said that "Cookie Monster City Shuts Down Girl Scouts Cookie Stand," Gretch reported that the city of Hazelwood, Mo. "ordered" some girl scouts to "stop" selling cookies in their driveway because they're violating city codes. Now, the girls' mother is suing. Gretch spoke with the girl scouts who said that selling cookies provides great life lessons. Their mother said that she didn't realize that there was an ordinance that prohibited this activity and in the past she had only a couple of complaints which she ascribed to a "not nice" neighbor. The mother said that the city told them that the ordinance prohibits them from selling the cookies. Gretch just couldn't understand why the nasty government types would forbid sweet girl scouts from selling cookies on their own property

This is vintage Fox & Friends agitprop which shows a total disdain for the facts which are that 1) The neighbor complained that the stand was increasing traffic 2) There is a city "home occupancy" code which states that a permit is required to sell products from residences 3) After receiving the warning letter from the city, informing the family of the facts, the family "kept running their roadside cookie booth — waiting until the evening hours when they thought code enforcement would be off the clock." 4) All the boxes of cookies were sold and

5) "Hazelwood spokesman Tim Davidson declined comment about the lawsuit because the city had not yet seen it. Davidson stressed that the city never ordered the Mills to close their cookie stand"

Let me repeat "the city never ordered the Mills to close their cookie stand so Gretch's statement that the city "ordered" the girls to stop selling the cookies is a lie as was the chyron stating that the city "shut down" the cookie stand. As noted by the Columbus Dispatch: "The Mills family kept running their cookie enterprise anyway." It looks like all mom needed was a permit but details, details.

Comment:. Facts can be stubborn things and they do so get in the way of Fox "opinion" messaging! So is this segment an example of outright lying for the sake of propaganda or is it just bad fact checking?


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