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Juan Williams Calls Out Chris Wallace Over His Bias For Paul Ryan's Budget

Reported by Guest Blogger - April 10, 2011 -

By Brian

On Fox News Sunday today, a debate about Rep. Paul Ryan's budget and the recent budget compromise hashed out this week broke out during the panel segment. As Juan Williams argued that Ryan's budget required disproportionate sacrifices from poor people, host Chris Wallace laughed and made a mocking remark. Williams shot back by telling Wallace he should be ashamed and show more impartiality.

In describing Ryan's budget, Williams said, "The rich get off like scoundrels... They're happy. They're like the executives on Wall Street this week who are getting all these big bonuses."

The camera showed Wallace laughing heartily at Williams' comments. Wallace said sarcastically, "It's shameful to make money."

"Oh, get out of town," Williams retorted.

"You said the rich are making out like scoundrels?" Wallace replied.

"You know what?” Williams continued. “You should be ashamed to use that kind of language as the host of this show. You should be more impartial. You know what? Leave that to Brit Hume. Brit Hume can make these outrageous remarks. ...The Wall Street guys that got those big breaks this week are now going to get more breaks from Paul Ryan... (Sacrifice is) just for the middle class and especially those despicable poor people.”

Comment: Of course Williams was not saying it's shameful to make money. He just wants the rich to pay their fair share instead of just cutting the budget and making the poor do all the sacrificing.

Video courtesy of Media Matters.

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