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Fox & Friends Campaign Against Crayon Diversity Continues

Reported by Priscilla - April 10, 2011 -

Despite the diversity of America, the America of "America's Newsroom" is distinctly melanin challenged with only a few, select, darker hues allowed. And while much of the world beyond Fox "News" welcomes diversity, Fox knows that the residents of their world do see color in very stark terms. One has only to see the comments on "Fox Nation" to see that the rainbow is not welcome in the land of Fox. Thus, earlier this week, "Fox & Friends" expressed disgust that Crayola, in attempting to be "ethnically sensitive" (Oh, the Horror, The Horror) is marketing "multicultural" markers. (The "flesh colored," albeit more Mediterranean, Brian Kilmeade referred to them as crayons.) America's favorite "anchor baby," (by the standards of those who want to change the 14th Amendment!) Michelle Malkin (definitely more than taupe) said that this was "pandering" to evil libruls. Interestingly, the original source for this un-American move by the free market, which has been around since 1992 in response to Maryland children who wanted a color, other than black, with which to color MLK, Jr., seems to be the right wing Volkh Conspiracy site. And also interesting is that in true Fox "News" style, this right wing and borderline racist story was repeated on today's Fox & Friends. I guess the message is that when it comes to crayons/markers, yellow isn't mellow, brown shouldn't stick around and black needs to get back - but if it's white, it's all right!

Weekend Fox & Friends warrior Dave Briggs introduced the segment against a visual backdrop of a photo of Crayola boxes with "Crayola Goes Multicultural" over it. His "Cavuto marked" chyron set the agitprop message "PC Gone Too Far? Crayola Introduces Multicultural Markers." The melanin challenged Briggs described the markers and asked if "political correctness has gone too far?" Briggs said that "nobody is against multicultural sensitivities" and asked conservative (not mentioned by Briggs) African American radio talk show host *James T Harris if crayon companies" should teach our children about it." Harris felt it was "dangerous territory" to label products as multicultural. His voice dripping with sarcasm, Briggs read the lesson plan that accompanies the markers which includes how this enables children to build their sense of self. Briggs asked African American author, Lavaille Lavette if there was "a trap here" if you "don't fit one of these particular colors." She responded that she supports this marketing because it's a "teachable moment" that opens up "an opportunity for dialogue." She cited how when she was young she had only one color - "flesh tone." Harris asked why Crayola is "giving us these labels" and said that this kind of labeling is "what's happening in our society." He mentioned that having limited crayon color enabled children of color to be creative about mixing Crayola tones to match their own. Lavette said that Crayola is acknowledging "different shades." As she spoke about how this is opening up a dialogue about diversity, Briggs shouted over her with "diversity is just not about color though and I think that's one of the problems they open up." As she responded "no it's not," Briggs jumped in with "diversity is many, many different things. It comes in many different sizes and obviously color is part of it but the debate continues."

Comment: Crayola is a business that is entitled to market its product as it sees fit. Why is Fox trying to intrude into the, revered by conservatives, "free market?" And while the debate, on Fox, obviously continues, there should be no need for it in the first place. It really speaks to the philosophy of non inclusiveness of Fox News that they feel the need to make an enlightened marketing strategy controversial. But Fox never wastes an opportunity to create a phony outrage and wedge issue with which to further divide white from all the other colors. The rainbow is a symbol of diversity and tolerance - a concept alien to Fox "News" and much of its conservative audience. And Fox is furthering the fear and loathing by attacking Crayola Crayons. But Fox is "America's Newsroom," so it's all good.....


*As "Field Negro" informs us James T Harris was the black man who stood up at a McCain rally in Wisconsin and said he took and "ass whipping" for supporting McCain and "begged" him to "take it to Obama." He took swipes and ACORN and Rev. Wright as "shady characters" who surround Obama.

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