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Fox News: The Gleeful Partner Of Trump's Birther Conspiracy

Reported by Ellen - April 9, 2011 -

Get ready for the Swift Boating of Barack Obama via an even more disgusting and disingenuous attack than the one leveled at John Kerry: suggesting Obama's not really American. It's a neat trifecta for Fox News. They've been hinting that Obama is not really American since he took office by suggesting that he's not a true patriot. Now the "we report, you decide" network has their next Swift Boat Veteran in the form of Donald Trump, Birth Certificate Truth Crusader, accusing Obama of well, not really being American. The fact that this has catapulted Trump into the top tier of the 2012 Republican presidential candidates is icing on the cake for Fox News. And they're doing their damnedest to help The Donald's Cause in every way.

It's no surprise that Sean Hannity should be the most enthusiastic embracer of the birther cause at Fox News. With all the attention on Glenn Beck's racism, Hannity's slyer bigotry has largely flown under the radar screen. He's about to exploit it to the max, folks, the same way he tried to do with the unfortunate story of a bookstore owner who said whites should be exterminated. But this time, instead of an obscure bookstore owner, it's President Obama Hannity wants to electronically lynch.

Even worse, there's every indication that "fair and balanced" Fox News has joined the party. On a recent show, Hannity again brought up the birth certificate "questions" - and then ducked for personal cover by saying he personally believes Obama is an American. Not that that stopped him from interrupting his guest who had at hand the facts to debunk the whole "controversy" - which has already been completely, utterly debunked by such credible outfits as FactCheck.org and PolitiFact. Funny how that debunking never gets the same kind of airing as Trump's accusations. But I digress. During this so-called discussion, Fox gave Trump and his "questions" undeserved credit with a banner on the screen reading, "TRUMP INVESTIGATES." Fox Nation followed up on that effort with a post called, Hannity Exclusive: Trump Reveals Plan to Uncover What Obama's Hiding. Notice that it's a given that Obama is hiding something and that Trump will reveal it.

How long until Fox "just asks" "Is President Obama American?" Will James O'Keefe do some new "investigation" in which he captures someone getting a fake birth certificate in Hawaii? Some publicity-seeking Kenyan comes forward to say that he was present at Barack Obama's birth in Nairobi?Can't you picture him and Trump doing the rounds on Fox? Don't laugh, it could happen. But it will be a crying shame if the Obama campaign dismisses this effort as too crazy to take seriously - the same way the Kerry folks did with the Swift Boaters in 2004.

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