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Fox Nation Claims, Without Proof, That "Racist Muslim" Sent Threatening Package To Rep. Peter King

Reported by Priscilla - April 7, 2011 -

Got Islamophobia? In a blatantly Islam baiting headline, Fox Nation states "Busted, Bloody Pig's Foot Sent By Racist Muslim." So naturally, the foaming at mouth, rabid Islamophobic patriotic Americans, who comment on Fox Nation, take that as fact. However, the actual article on that other source of Murdoch unbiased civil discourse (just kidding!) the New York Post, has this headline "Pig & a Poke, Rep. King Threat Racist, Too." The article reports that Rep. Peter King was sent a package which contained a pig's foot and a note with anti-Semitic slurs. The language on the note makes it appear that the sender is a black Muslim. The Capitol Police are investigating. Ergo, no conclusions have been drawn because nobody has been arrested/convicted. But that kind of nuance is lost on Fox Nation which doesn't even use a question mark at the end of the headline; but rather, establishes, as a foregone conclusion, that the sender is a "racist, Muslim." From its "Statement of Purpose" - "The Fox Nation is committed to the core principles of tolerance, open debate, civil discourse, and fair and balanced coverage of the news." Go figure!

Note: If you want to complain about the vile racism on Fox Nation, the e-mail address is

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