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Only On Fox & Friends - Hannah Giles Is "Righteous" Role Model!

Reported by Priscilla - April 4, 2011 -

Fox & Friends never wastes an opportunity to promote right wing propaganda - even when that propaganda has been forgotten in the relentless march of round the clock cable news. The James O'Keefe "pimp" ACORN sting videos got lots of play on Fox. (The subsequent issues regarding editing of the tapes and O'Keefe being sued, not so much!) Fox & Friends was happy to promote the "pimp and prostitute" story - even interviewing James O'Keefe in his pimp costume. Turns out that O'Keefe and his accessory, Hannah Giles, didn't dress up like this; but the legend lives on at Fox & Friends which, last Friday, interviewed Hannah Giles father, the uber right wing host of "Clash Radio" and "Townhall" contributor, Doug Giles. Giles is a Christian manly man who, with his fellow homophobic Christian manly men, has a problem with the "gay agenda." And while he wants his two daughters, Hannah and Regis, to be handmaidens of the Lord, he also hopes that they'll be as manly in their world view as he is. He has articulated his world view in his book, ""Righteous and Rowdy Girls, Father's Guide to Raising Daughters Right." Fox & Friends was just thrilled to be able to pimp this book!

Doocy began with the requisite agitprop: "Remember those undercover videos exposing the bad stuff going down at ACORN, well that girl, screen right, Hannah Giles poses as a prostitute and her father says other women should follow her lead." Fact Check - ACORN was cleared of any wrong doing by a congressional investigation. Doocy didn't mention that Keefe is in financial trouble because of his legal bills involved in defending himself against "lawsuits up the gazoo." While Doocy was speaking, a photo of O'Keefe and Giles as pimp and prostitute was shown. Doocy continued that Giles "wants girls to grow up in Hannah's footsteps being righteous with traditional values and being rowdy enough to see something that's egregious and go after it like Hannah did." Fact Check - one more time, nothing egregious here, move along.

After introducing Giles and Regis, accompanied by the chyron "Giles Daughter Raising Guide, Teach Them the Right Way to Party and Rebel," Doocy asked Giles how Regis is rowdy. Giles responded that she shoots a gun, has hunted since she was 9, and has had training in ju jitsu. He said that she has "an attitude to conquer." A photo of her, over a dead bear, was shown. (Regis, who doesn't believe that men and women are equal, says that women are better shooters.) Gretch grinned from ear to pretty ear as Doocy said that Regis Giles is being compared to Palin. Giles said that if his daughters were treated like the girls on Jersey shore, there would be some obituaries. (Oh wow, Doug Giles vs. Ronnie!). He said that martial arts training ensures that his daughters are not "raped and brutalized." (Course if they got pregnant, as a result of a rape, they'd have to make Giles a proud grandpa!)

Comment: Looks like Hannah Giles isn't partying with James O'Keefe anymore. What you didn't hear on Fox & Friends is that in a lawsuit, filed against Giles and O'Keefe, by a former ACORN employee, Giles lawyers say she "shouldn't be held responsible because she wasn't the one doing the actual recording." So much for being "righteous" and going after something that you "see" as "egregious!" But nice to see that Gretch and Steve are doing their best to pimp Giles' book. Maybe he can use the proceeds to pay Hannah's legal bills!!! Sometimes, being "rowdy" has its consequences.

The fine cinematography of James O'Keefe captures Hannah at her most righteous - or is it her most rowdy?

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