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Steve Doocy Suggests Hearing On Muslim Civil Rights Is "Political Pandering?"

Reported by Priscilla - March 29, 2011 -

"Fox & Friends" is the Fox morning show which presents right wing propaganda all dressed up in happy chat. It's a strange Orwellian world in which white is black, up is down, and we all hate whatever groups are being targeted, by the right wing, as anathema. Along with "illegal aliens," Muslims are included in the list of those whom we should fear and loathe. "Fox & Friends" is always happy to aid and abet the scapegoating. They provided some nice cheerleading for GOP Congressional Rep. Peter King's hearing about American Muslim radicalization. Steve Doocy, one of the foremost intellects in today's media, said that King had a good point because if Muslims are being radicalized in American mosques, "why not find out about it!" Today, Democratic Senator Dick Durbin is having a hearing on the civil rights of Muslims and anti-Muslim bigotry. So rather than discuss this strange and alien concept on its own merits, "Fox & Friends" invited Joe McCarthy soul brother and IRA pal, Peter King, for his response to what one member of the cast of Fox News' version of "dumb and dumber," Steve Doocy, framed as "political pandering." As in King's other appearances on "Fox & Friends," his questionable and arguably Islamophobic talking points were validated by his "Fox & Friends" peanut gallery. In the Orwellian world of "Fox & Friends," bigotry is patriotism, tolerance is downright seditious, and we all love Peter King!

"Mr. Happy" reported that Durbin's hearing comes two weeks after King's "highly criticized hearing" (no shit, Sherlock) to discuss Muslim radicalization. Doocy asked "if this move by Durbin just political pandering." (Ka-ching - set the agitprop message right from the get go!) The other half of the Fox version of "dumb and dumber" (although I can't really say which is which) Brian Kilmeade asked Peter King if this is pandering. King, whose hearings didn't produce any shocking revelations about Muslim terrorists in your town, said that Durbin's hearing perpetuates the myth that there is organized effort against Muslims." ROFLMAO, he's describing Fox News which seems to pander to Islamophobes! Another ROFLMAO moment when King, who bristled whenever anyone asked why he wasn't having a hearing on radicalized Christians, asked why there isn't a hearing on civil rights for Catholics, Jews, Buddhists, or Hindus. He claimed that there is no "systematic" violation of Muslim civil rights and referenced how there are more anti-Semitic incidents than anti-Muslim. (I guess King has forgotten the intense Islamophobia surrounding the "ground zero mosque" and I guess he doesn't know about the nice Christian residents of Tennessee who organized to prevent a mosque from being built in their area.) As he spoke, video of Fox's resident Islamphobic Muslim (Here, Here, Here, Here,) Dr. Jasser, at the King hearing, was shown. The Cavuto Marked chyron reinforced the message: "Hearing Hypocrisy, Durbin Schedules Hearing 2 Weeks After King's." King made the dubious assertion that there are as many anti-Christian incidents as anti-Muslim. His next dubious (and bigoted) assertion was that "this perpetuates the myth that Muslims" are the victims of 9-11. Doocy said that Durbin declined an invitation to appear on the show.

Doocy asked why Durbin was "doing it." (Doocy would know if he read the "Washington Post.)" Kilmeade said "yup" when King referenced the "mindless" opposition to his hearings and how the Democrats are the "party of open mindedness and civil rights." (Not a description of the GOP, that's fer sure!) Doocy did his best bobble head and murmered "uh-huh" as King ranted about how Durbin's witnesses are "following the line of CAIR..." (Ka-ching, perfunctory Fox slam on CAIR). Doocy actually chortled as King was talking about how Durbin is becoming "close to CAIR and went into his standard rhetoric about how CAIR is an unindicted co-conspirator "in a major terrorist case." King then provided a "tease" about his upcoming hearing on radicalization in the American prison system. (Betcha he won't talk about white supremacists in the prison system!). He played right into the Fox fear of Muslim meme when he said that "this is for real" and then whined about the evil Democrats and mainstream media who want to attack him and in another stunning ROFLAMO moment said it "hurts the debate in this country." As he spoke of the "illusion" of violation of Muslim civil rights, the chyron pimped King's upcoming hearing: "Rooting Out Radicalism."

Comment: King, Doocy, and Kilmeade, all Catholics, didn't mention that Catholic Cardinal McCarrick ("close to CAIR?") will be one of Durbin's witnesses in a hearing that will provide some fairness and balance to Islamic issues in America. If Doocy and Kilmeade weren't playing to their Islamophobic audience, they might have provided some relevant information about this hearing. Instead, they provided a nice choir to whom King was preaching. Talk about political pandering!


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