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Fox & Friends Suck Up To Donald Trump And His Birther Campaign Platform

Reported by Ellen - March 29, 2011 -

During his weekly Monday spot on Fox & Friends, the curvy couch crew did their best to promote Donald Trump’s potential 2012 presidential candidacy – even going so far as helping to legitimize his crazy birther campaign platform. In doing so, the Friends joined a cadre of other Fox News pundits.

Brian Kilmeade gushed, “The Apprentice has captured the imagination of the entire Kilmeade family. We watch every Sunday.”

Before they got to the birtherism, Kilmeade helped to make Trump look presidential and tear down President Obama at the same time. Noting Obama’s upcoming speech about Libya in the evening, Kilmeade asked Trump, “What would you include if it was your gig?”

Gretchen Carlson asked, “What would you do” about Syria?

They were all ears as Trump fear mongered that violent riots will happen here if Obama remains in office.

Then it was time to discuss “what happened on The View,” a neat way of promoting Trump’s birther accusations while pretending to just cover a controversy.

Carlson coyly ducked the outrageousness of Trump’s accusations – avoided mentioning how the birther conspiracy has been completely and utterly debunked and that Obama has released his birth certificate – and also defended Trump by referring to Whoopi Goldberg’s reaction to Trump and asking, “Does it have anything to do with race?”

“Absolutely not,” Trump predictably insisted. In fact, Doocy or Kilmeade could be heard murmuring approval as Trump spoke.

As the segment progressed, a banner on the screen read, “Trump’s birth inquiry racist?”

Doocy nodded in agreement as Trump wrongly suggested that the certificate of live birth produced by Obama was not an official birth certificate.

Of course, the State of Hawaii disagrees as does the U.S. State Department but somehow nobody on the couch thought that worth a mention.

Trump went on to make the ludicrous accusation that because the birth announcement had not been placed in the paper for several days after Obama’s birth, that somehow suggested a sinister plot afoot. “He could have come into the country and they (his family) did it for social reasons.”

Doocy made a face suggesting that seemed a bit far-fetched but no one challenged Trump outright.

Instead, Doocy further helped polish Trump’s credibility by asking about the “mainstream media” trying to paint him as “the mayor of Crazy Town.” Doocy's tone made it clear what he thought of that effort.

How about a banner asking if this was a flimsy excuse to Swift Boat the President? If anyone on that couch really believes Trump, they've all conclusively proved their citizenship in Crazy Town.

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