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Fox News’ Peter Johnson Gushes Over Trump’s Birther Questions

Reported by Ellen - March 28, 2011 -

For Sean Hannity, one birther segment was not enough Friday night (3/25/11). After “just asking” why President Obama wouldn’t produce his birth certificate (even though he already has) so that everyone can just “move on,” Hannity persisted on “just asking” again during the Great American Panel segment – and ended by suggesting President Obama is a Muslim. Again. Meanwhile, panelist and Fox News contributor Peter Johnson gushed over Donald Trump for having raised the issue on The View.

But first, Hannity gushed. Speaking of Trump’s potential 2012 run, Hannity effused, “Since he (Trump) brought up this issue of the birth certficate on The View, he’s now in a tie for fifth place – two points behind Sarah Palin.”

Johnson said, “He’s a superb communicator and I think what he’s touching on is reality and he’s saying a lot of things that people think, but might be afraid of saying or can’t articulate in the kind of straightforward way that he does… There’s a lot of common sense.”

Johnson also insisted, “It’s not a racially-based question to ask” and then accused those, like Whoopi Goldberg on The View, of being divisive if they bring up the racial aspect. He added, “To kind of play games with it and parse it, that creates a further stir.” I suppose it was racially divisive for blacks to want to end segregation, too.

Of the three panelists, plus Hannity, only Ron Daniels pointed out that Obama’s birth certificate has been produced.

Even the supposed Republican “strategist,” Dee Dee Benkie gushed over Trump and asked, “But why not produce it, it’s so easy… Why not just bring it out?”

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