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Hannity Still Trying To Exploit The Birther Card

Reported by Ellen - March 27, 2011 -

It was bad enough Sean Hannity was still trying to exploit Donald Trump’s birtherism for the third night in a row Friday night (3/25/11) but it was even more sickening that Hannity did so by continuing to pretend that he was just trying to clear up the controversy.

The segment was mostly about attacking President Obama over Libya – with a “fair and balanced” lineup of conservative guest Jedediah Bila and liberal Bob Beckel plus Hannity jumping into the mix as another conservative advocate. Kudos to Beckel who did an excellent job fighting Bila's and Hannity's conservative platitudes with real foreign policy gravitas and information.

As part of his ceaseless criticism of Obama’s war leadership, Hannity announced with bravado, “If I say I’m going to take out Gaddafi, I’m going to take out Gaddafi.”

Sure you would, Seanie-Poo, if you ever actually suited up and put your flabby, multimillionaire fanny on the line - which you have never done yet. Bila talked a tough game, too, from the safety of her armchair. She never served in the military, either, though she boasts on her website about how much she LOVES her country (her emphasis).

Then, at about the 4:55 mark in the video below, Hannity brought up the "buzz" about Trump's recent comments asking Obama to produce his birth certificate. Ignoring his own role in perpetuating the buzz, Hannity “asked,” Why can’t they just release the birth certificate, you know – and just move on?”

Why can’t Hannity just move on or else man up about why he hasn't? If Hannity really wanted to move on, he just would. If he were honest, he’d either admit he thinks there’s no there there (since Obama HAS released his birth certificate and both PolitiFact and FactCheck.org have declared it authentic and definitively ruled that Obama was born in the U.S.A.) or else put his credibility on the line and fall in with Orly Taitz.

Furthermore, there’s been plenty of buzz of doubts about whether Trig Palin is really Sarah Palin’s son – and, unlike Obama, she has not released his birth certificate – but God forbid anyone bring that up on Fox News.

Do you think Hannity, who has a long, disturbing record on race should be a guest at Rev. Al Sharpton's upcoming civil rights convention? You can contact Sharpton's organization, the National Action Network here or tweet TheRevAl here.

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