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Has Fox News Mentioned Virgil Peck's "Joke" About Shooting Immigrants From Helicopters At All?

Reported by Guest Blogger - March 21, 2011 -

By Aria

Yesterday, I was preparing a run-down of Virgil Peck’s now infamous “joke” that advocated shooting immigrants from helicopters when I noticed something strange. CNN and MSNBC had mentions of the incident and Peck's subsequent apology, but I could not find any Fox News articles or archived video mentioning the incident in any context. Now, I know the sites for cable news omit a lot of video (I had to go to Youtube to find this video of Lawrence O’Donnell), but shouldn't there be a text report as part of their bid to justify their “fair and balanced” tagline? A search on FoxNews.com yielded no results.

Perhaps the Fox defenders out there could prove me wrong - or at least explain why the network felt the need to ignore this story after Beck, Hannity, Kelly and at least one guest dedicated so much time to painting President Obama as a racist. Perhaps one of the right wingers who like to attack News Hounds can show us where this has been given a fair debate - or at least notable mention by any Fox News host - or provide a link to a text article.
Not holding my breath, but who knows? I might just be surprised.

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