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Donald Trump Gets With The Fox News Program Of Attacking Obama For Golfing During Japan Crisis

Reported by Guest Blogger - March 16, 2011 -

By Brian

Potential 2012 Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump knows just how to get with the Fox News program. Trump appeared on Your World Tuesday (3/14/11) and joined the Fox News meme of attacking President Obama for playing golf during the Japan crisis. Trump's efforts were well rewarded with a top-of-the-page, admiring Fox Nation headline, "Trump Scorches Obama for Golfing During Nuclear Catastrophe."

Four minutes into the interview below with Neil Cavuto, the subject of Obama's reaction to the Japan crisis came up. Trump didn't miss the opportunity to hype himself first. "First of all, I love that he (Obama) was golfing because I own 12 great courses, among the best courses... I'd love to play him for the Presidency (Cavuto laughed uproariously) ...and for lots of money... I love golf, there's nothing more beautiful, there's no better game than golf. But when Japan is crashing, when you have nuclear problems the likes of which maybe the world so far has never seen. For him to be playing golf, simultaneously with that happening... I think is very inappropriate."

Trump went on to make the dubious claim that Obama “killed Las Vegas” and “they've never gotten over it” for having said – twice – that people should not blow money or taxpayer money there. Trump made the dubious statement that banks and corporations are now “afraid to go there” and “have big events” there.

Then, after complaining that Japan “has played us for a patsy” and have been “ripping us off for years, dollar wise,” he added, “but still, we should help... At least we should have a President that's sitting in the White House talking to people over in Japan; is there anything we can do?"

Cavuto said, “He's done that. You can walk, talk and chew gum at the same time.” But he agreed with Trump that Obama's optics were “not good.”

Still, Trump couldn't help but boast again about how he owns “some of the greatest golf courses in the world”

Comment: Where was the Donald when George W Bush was reading The Pet Goat (erroneously made famous by Michael Moore as “My Pet Goat”) after 9/11? Where was he when Bush was playing a guitar as Louisiana drowned after Hurricane Katrina? Where was he when Bush was breaking Reagan's record for most vacation days?

Meanwhile, The Donald somehow overlooked how Obama made a new pledge of support for Japan, that very day, several hours before Your World. Obama is sending several disaster teams to Japan, along with aircraft carriers already deployed to assist, and flying helicopters to provide relief supplies. 


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