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Megyn Kelly Praises Fr. Frank Pavone's Pro-Life "Victory" For "Baby Joseph"

Reported by Priscilla - March 15, 2011 -

Japan is experiencing a possible nuclear catastrophe as a result of a horrific earthquake and tsunami. We could be facing a government shutdown. But what are Fox viewers really concerned about? Why, it's Baby Joseph - a baby in a vegetative state whose plight is propaganda gold for America's "pro-life" newsroom. (Here, Here, Here, Here, Here, Here, Here). His situation involves the evil Canadian health care system and as such demonstrates, according to the gospel of Fox News, that "death panels" could happen here because of evil Obama healthcare reform. Additionally, as "Priest for Life," Frank Pavone and his anti-choice crazies are involved, it allows Fox to continue pandering to the anti-choice crazy crowd especially conservative Catholics who are a key Fox News demographic. Baby Joseph has been flown to an American Catholic hospital, after having been released from the evil Canadian hospital (which received death threats, thank you Fox News), where he will receive a tracheotomy. Fox "News," which according to Pavone was instrumental in the "victory," is on this important update of the Baby Joseph saga and here to tell us all about the latest development was Megyn Kelly, during yesterday's "America Live." Just wondering, folks, if this baby were the child of "illegals" living in the US, do ya think that Fox News would be as concerned? I'm thinking that the coverage might be more about how these nasty brown people are causing healthcare costs to explode. Ya think?

Megyn Kelly reported on the "new developments on a story that we have been following closely." (Ain't that the truth!) She said that Baby Joseph's parents were "battling Canadian doctors who refused to do a tracheotomy." She didn't say that this was because the doctors felt that it would cause even more distress for this child as well as being "invasive and not part of palliative care." She introduced the baby's father, Joe Maraachli and Fox fave Father Frank Pavone of "Priests for Life," a group of priests whose sole purpose is to criminalize abortion, fight against assisted suicide, and keep people on artificial life support despite their family's wishes as demonstrated in Pavone's part in the Fox News generated Terri Schiavo media circus which also featured Pavone's pal, anti-choice uber crazy, Randall Terry. Kelly, in her best "scolding shock and awe," said that this development was "an incredible shift" and referenced how the Canadian hospital was trying to "force" Baby Joseph's father to consent to "allowing" the child "to die" in the evil Canadian hospital. She then introduced Pavone as somebody who "tries to defend life at every stage." (Right, women who don't want Pavone and his pals "defending" what's inside their bodies!) She asked how Pavone did it because that evil "Canadian healthcare system was fighting at every turn to prevent this." Pavone said - are ya ready for it - that was due to "so many of our Fox viewers that won this victory." (Oh, snap, was it "our" Fox viewers who were threatening the hospital?) He mentioned how his fellow padres "made the story widely known" (Thank you Fox "News") so that people "targeted the hospital in a clear, firm but respectful way." (Really?) To Kelly's query of how this change was effected, Pavone said that it was because of tens of thousands of people who contacted the hospital (Oh, so health care decisions are based on harassing hospitals?) and "they couldn't stand the pressure." He cited how he and his pals got on a medical flight (actually a "Priests for Life" jet - no poverty vows here!) to take the baby to Cardinal Glennon Hospital in St. Louis. Kelly asserted that she knows that Pavone said that the child needs to be in a "hospital that cherishes life" and congratulated him.

Comment: What neither Pavone nor Kelly mentioned was that "the family's Windsor lawyer, Claudio Martini, who negotiated Joseph's release, said LHSC was co-operative and "respectful" of the parents' decision." (That would have cut the propaganda buzz!) As noted by Pavone, praise be to Fox News for helping superhero priests to fly to Canada to rescue a baby from the clutches of the evil Canadian healthcare system. Once gain, Fox "News" is doing its patriotic best to fulfill its god given mandate for "real journalism, Fair & balanced." Doesn't get any better than that!


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