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Bill O'Reilly And Bernard Goldberg Read The Minds At The New York Times To Explain Bill Keller's Criticisms Of Fox News

Reported by Ellen - March 8, 2011 -

Color me crazy but when I watch a news program I like pundits to offer a bit of proof and facts to go along with their opinions. But on The O'Reilly Factor, no such corroboration is needed, at least not when it comes to criticizing the New York Times. So last night (3/7/11), Bill O'Reilly and “media critic” Bernard Goldberg analyzed The Times' criticism of Fox News based on – well, mind reading, apparently.

The segment arose from critical comments about Fox made by Times editor Bill Keller.

Of course, the entire segment was little more than an excuse to attack the Times. O'Reilly began by saying, “The New York Times is about as uber left as you can get. We have proven time after time after time that it bleeds its editorial page over into its hard news, that it ignores stories it doesn't like, that it promotes stories that it loves and people that it loves.”

Gee, sound familiar?

Goldberg chimed in, “They don't think that they're guilty of any of the things that they accuse everybody else of.”

As Goldberg went on to complain that the Times found certain stories “unfit to print,” he began the first of his psychic revelations. The reason the Times excludes certain stories, Goldberg told us, was because “either because those stories don't fit in to their liberal world view or, to put the best face on it, because those stories don't strike their liberal journalists as terribly interesting or important, even though millions and millions of ordinary, middle Americans do find those stories interesting and important.”

So how does Goldberg know this? Does he have inside info about how the Times' editorial process works? He didn't mention and O'Reilly didn't ask.

But wait, Goldberg had more intuitive flashes. Referring to Keller's comments that Fox News viewers are "among the most cynical people on Planet Earth,” Goldberg explained what Keller really meant. “He doesn't mean cynical. What he's really saying is, he finds those Fox viewers to be among the stupidest people on the face of the earth because media elites like Bill Keller (as opposed to regular guy multi-millionaires likes Bill O'Reilly, Glenn Beck and Sean Hannity?) have never respected ordinary, middle Americans, especially conservative ones. They never found them smart enough, certainly not sophisticated enough, and in the broad sense, they never found them good enough. If they treated black people with the same contempt that they treat conservative middle Americans, they would be called racist. They are snobs of the worst kind.”

O'Reilly had his own psychic reading. “Really, we have gotten under Keller's skin... and I would submit almost everybody over at The New York Times. How, how has this television operation gotten under their skin?”

Meanwhile, I'm wondering, how, how, has The Times gotten so under O'Reilly's and Goldberg's skin? But, unlike them, I'm not going to mind read.

Goldberg called that “a very important question” and added that he thought he had the answer. “Once upon a time, the New York Times pretty much controlled, certainly as a media organization, pretty much controlled the national conversation. They certainly helped shape events in this country of ours. Now, now Fox News also has a seat at the table and has a loud voice in the national conversation and Fox News also helps shape events and this drives Bill Keller and other media elites crazy for one reason. Because they think you're all a bunch of yahoos. They don't have any respect for your intelligence or your integrity and the idea, the idea that Fox News would have a seat at the table, would help shape events, makes them nuts.”

O'Reilly added, “I think it's further than that. They know we have more influence than they have.”

Goldberg wasn't willing to go that far. “I know you think that... It's a close call.”

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