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Sarah Palin Can't Explain What A Government Shutdown Entails, Blames “Budget Gurus” For Her Ignorance

Reported by Ellen - March 7, 2011 -

Sarah Palin claimed that she wanted to know what a shutdown of the federal government would entail when she was asked about it on Justice with Judge Jeanine (Pirro) Saturday night (3/5/11), and then went on to accuse “budget gurus” of keeping the public in the dark. But had Palin really wanted to know, the answer was just a computer mouse click away – assuming she couldn't just search her own memory for the 21-day shutdown that occurred in December 1995/January 1996, during the Clinton administration or any of the 14 other shutdowns that have occurred since .

During her interview with Palin, Pirro asked “what would actually happen” if the government were to shut down.

Palin squeaked in reply, “Well, that's a good question. It's amazing that the budget gurus there in D.C. aren't telling the public what actually happens if some delayed programs are going to be a result or if some bills don't necessarily get paid as quickly as they would get paid... That's a question that certainly a lot of us would like to know, what does this really entail, this quote, unquote government shutdown.

A simple Google search reveals that, as The Christian Science Monitor reported about the 95/96 shutdown,

“That shutdown furloughed some 800,000 federal workers; delayed processing of visas, passports, and other government applications; suspended cleanup at 600 toxic waste sites; and closed national museums and monuments as well as 368 national park sites – a loss to some 9 million visitors and the airline and tourist industries that service them.

The Monitor goes into further detail about what happens in a shutdown. It also notes that there have been 15 federal government shutdowns since Jimmy Carter was president.

If Sarah Palin doesn't know anything about what is involved, she has only herself and her own lack of curiosity and interest to blame.

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