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Sarah “Bailin'” Palin Attacks Wisconsin Democrats For Having “Retreated” And “Not Doing Their Job”

Reported by Ellen - March 7, 2011 -

After quitting her own governorship halfway through the first term, some might say Sarah Palin was in no position to be criticizing Democratic Wisconsin state senators for having "retreated" and “not doing their job” by leaving the state in protest of their governor's anti-union bill. But Fox News host Jeanine Pirro would not be one of those noting the irony of Palin's position. In fact, Pirro invited Palin's criticisms during their segment on Justice with Judge Jeanine Saturday night, 3/5/11.

“Yeah, they absolutely should be fired. They should be recalled,” Palin told Pirro, about the missing senators. “They've retreated. It's not like they're reloading. They've retreated. They're not doing their job.”

But instead of noting that Palin “retreated” from her own job, Pirro approvingly said that Palin must understand what Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker “is going through.” Then Pirro went on to ask, “If your legislators left the legislature in Alaska, would you be hunting them down?”

You mean during the half term Palin actually served, Judge?

“You know, you do need to call 'em back!” Palin squealed. “And get 'em to be held accountable and have 'em do their job.”

Good to know Palin believes in accountability and doing one's job – for other people.

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