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Gawker Catches Fox News Phony "Exclusive" About Evidence of Alien Life

Reported by Ellen - March 6, 2011 -

Gawker's Adrian Chen caught FoxNews.com boasting about a not-so-exclusive exclusive about a "discovery" of alien life.

Chen wrote:

Fox News has a super-exciting article today: "Exclusive: NASA Scientist claims Evidence of Alien Life on Meteorite." OMG, aliens exist! Except this NASA scientist has been claiming to have evidence of alien life on meteorites for years.

...The article is now the most-read on Foxnews.com.

As much as we love aliens, this is not news. Hoover has been claiming to have fossil evidence of alien bacterial life for years. Here he is in 2004, on some website called panspermia.org, with the exact same 'discovery' reported in today's Fox News article:

Chen goes on to note the dubiousness of the supposed discovery as well as that of the latest website to publish the "discovery."

H/T Mediaite.

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