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Sean Hannity And Oliver North Salivate Over A Painful Death For Qaddafi

Reported by Ellen - February 25, 2011 -

Sean Hannity spent some time fear mongering discussing Libya last night and who better to give news cover to his agenda than his military BFF Oliver North? Who cares that North is a convicted liar (conviction later overturned on a technicality), running a below-average charity who happily traded arms to Iran? The same Iran that Hannity and North fear mongered about in this very segment. Not that anyone on Fox felt it important to relay any of that information about North’s history to the viewers. So much for “we report, you decide.” Again. But after listening to these two “patriots” do their predictable schtick (Middle East countries bad, Obama almost as bad and making us more vulnerable to Islamic madmen), even I was surprised to hear these two “Christians” lust for a painful death for Muammar Qaddafi in the near future.

But first, a little fear mongering. Hannity mentioned (and North later agreed) that Iran “may be benefitting from all this chaos” in Libya. No mention about how Iran benefitted from North’s dishonest dealings with them back in the Reagan administration.

Then it was time for the politics. Hannity gushed “Reagan came within an inch of taking him out” (meaning Qaddafi). Hannity forgot to note that St. Ronnie had been deemed somewhat weak on terrorism. In an April, 1986 article about Reagan’s aborted attack on Libya, Time Magazine reported,

The (Reagan) Administration takes pride in having put muscle into American policy; a series of successes from Grenada to the Philippines has shown that the U.S. can pull off military and diplomatic coups without risking nuclear holocaust. The spread of terrorism is the great, galling exception to this assertiveness; the U.S. too often has seemed impotent in preventing or avenging the deaths of its citizens.

Can you imagine if that had been Obama?

Like every other segment on Hannity, this one was nothing but a new frame and pretext for Hannity to demonize his political foes. Predictably, Hannity and North spent almost as much time attacking President Obama’s foreign policy as demonizing Libya or Qaddafi. Maybe more.

North, however, is not quite the anti-Democrat(ic) foot soldier that Hannity is. North seems more interested in cold-blooded melodrama. He didn’t bother to hide his eager anticipation as he predicted Qaddafi “is now going to go at the end of a gun, either his own or one of his people.” North gave him two weeks at most. “This is a man who said… he wants to be a martyr,” North later continued. “There are many people who are going to oblige him. I personally hope it’s a very painful experience.”

Oh that’s Christian… and civilized. Way to prove we’re better than them, Ollie. You’d think you might want to after all you did to help arm some of them.

Hannity was right behind. “Alright, fair en(ough) – and I’ll concur with you,” he said.

After a bit more fear mongering about how the Obama administration has weakened us in the Middle East, North said, “The good news is, at the end of the day, Muamar Qaddafi is a dead man.”

Hannity added, “Well, I hope and pray you’re right.”

Since Qaddafi isn’t a fetus, I guess the right to life doesn’t count.

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