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Megyn Kelly Foments More Fox Fear Of Criminal Aliens

Reported by Priscilla - February 22, 2011 -

Fox News never wastes an opportunity to perpetuate the notion that undocumented immigrants, the majority of whom work very hard for very little, are a bunch of nasty criminals who pose a dire threat to the "real" Americans who watch Fox "News." Last week, in yet another effort to promote this meme, Megyn Kelly used a report, from Homeland Security, to play the fear of illegal immigrants card. The agitprop was slick. While Kelly did attempt to do a modicum of "fair & balanced," (She is part of the official Fox "News" line-up, right?) she then tossed the ball to her only guest, the far right talk radio host Mike Gallagher, who used the opportunity to articulate the baseless bigotry that is the hallmark of the nativist right wing for which Fox "News" is a mouthpiece. Fox also never wastes an opportunity to provide "news" coverage of what is au courant in the right wing blog world. So, is it a coincidence that Kelly would be taking on this topic, which, coincidentally was also covered, the next day, by Steve Doocy. (Do we have a propaganda theme here?) But Mike Gallahger - "fair & balanced" - pulleeze!!!!

The Homeland Security Report is part of a "series of audit, inspection, and special reports prepared as part of our oversight responsibilities to promote economy, efficiency, and effectiveness within the department." Data in the report indicates that, in 2009, ICE was successful in identifying 99% of "criminal aliens eligible for removal." That they didn't identify 890 out of 49,033 has clean white panties, of the nativist right, in a bunch. Megyn Kelly, in her best dramatic voice, started the agitprop ball rolling with a "fact" that appears rather dubious: "The most dangerous criminals in the country set free to roam the streets by mistake." She cited the 890 number and claimed that they had "rap sheets for the worst of crimes." Fact check - The report references only "recidivist criminals who pose a significant public safety risk." The report does not identify, by numbers, the actual crimes committed by this population but it does have a "List of National Crime Information Center Crimes by Severity Level" as an informational appendix only. Gallagher laughed when Kelly referenced how this figure was a small percent of the total of criminal aliens. Gallagher advanced the agitprop: "Hundreds of the worst of the worst" and "this is what betrays the claim that illegals are just these docile, wonderful people who just want to come over here to mow our lawns and acheive a better life." When Kelly said, "some are," Gallagher agreed but added that "this is what is terrifying about the holes we have in our system. He continued to bray about sealing the border and how if that isn't done, there will be dangerous, vicious criminals coming to our country to "rape and kill" Americans who, according to Gallagher, are "scared." (No shit, Sherlock, that's what you and Fox are doing in this "real journalism.") He suggested that the Obama administration is lying about the situation at the border and that Janet Napolitano is "reprehensible." He droned on about people getting kidnapped and getting their heads cut off. In closing, he said how he loves George W Bush, but disagrees with him about developing a path to citizenship and how "if you break the law," you're gone. (And according to ICE, 99% are gone). He said that any presidential candidate who takes on immigration, a matter of national security, will win the election. (Not with the help of the Hispanic vote!)

Comment: While Megyn attempted to present the "facts," the discussion was merely a pretense for Gallagher to reiterate the talking points of the radical right nativists to whom and for whom Fox does its reporting. Megyn merely phoned it in. Gallagher, however, had the bullhorn!


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