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Glenn Beck: Fear the Government? Fear the Google!

Reported by Aunty Em - February 15, 2011 -

In an never-ending quest to tie all malfeasance, jiggery-pokery, and evil to Obama Administration, Fox “News” host, and Conspiracy Monger-in-Chief, Glenn Beck has a new one that not even Bill O’Reilly is going to buy. He led towards calling the Internet evil when he was on last week’s “At Your Beck and Call,” “Falafel King” O’Reilly showed he wasn’t all on-board with Beck’s whole Muslim-Communist-Socialist-Progressive New World Caliphate, as he just barely seemed to tolerate the fear-mongering as Beck tried to tell him the world is going to hell in a handbasket woven by the Internet, although he wouldn’t implicate Google until later in the week. According to HuffPo:

“I don't know if that's news to anyone,” O'Reilly said. The Internet, he continued, made it much easier for people to say, “ ‘everybody show up in the square.’ ”

“It’s community organizing on a global scale,” Beck said. O'Reilly was still skeptical.

“I know they're not going to be able to overthrow the army,” he said. “I don't see that. But you do see it.” Then Beck said that the revolution was coming to America and Europe, something which O'Reilly completely rejected.

"I don't see the constituency in Britain, in Germany, in the United States, I don't see it," he said.

“You don't have to,” Beck said. O'Reilly said that, even if people tried, “they can't change governments and they can't seize power.”

“I hope you're right,” Beck said.

“There's no evidence that says I'm not right,” O'Reilly replied.

However, by the time yesterday rolled around, The Google was implicated on Beck’s chalkboards, along with all his other enemies. If he’s proved nothing else, Glenn Beck has reached a whole new level of paranoia. Watch:

Video & transcript courtesy of Mediaite

“I would look into all the people the State Department are working with; MSNBC, CBS, gosh, MTV. Maybe we should start watching those networks a little bit and seeing what their news coverage is like. Who are these groups? Who are they? Are they right, are they left, are they clean, are they dirty, are they front groups? I don’t know. May I recommend, if you’re doing your own homework, don’t do a Google search. Seems to me that Google is pretty deeply in bed with the government. Maybe this is explaining why Google is being kicked out of all the other countries? Are they just a shill now for the United States government? Who is Jared Cohen? Is he private citizen or government operative? And isn’t this the second Google guy we’ve found? This is the second Google executive now being exposed as an instigator of a revolution. Are you comfortable with the government partnering covertly with media organizations, search engines, and social networking so they can bring change that the Washington elites have designed?”

Fear the Google. Fear the Muslims. Fear the Communists. Fear the Socialists. Fear the Fascists. Fear the Progressives. Fear Social Justice. Fear Left-Wing Philanthropy. Fear the Google.

Oh yeah, and do your own research. Don’t take what I say as Gospel.

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