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Conservative Hadley Rebukes Hannity For Being “Afraid” Of Freedom In Egypt: “That wasn’t the way of Ronald Reagan”

Reported by Ellen - February 12, 2011 -

Poor Sean Hannity. While cowering in his Long Island estate about Sharia law taking over Egypt and hopscotching ANY MINUTE into his wealthy community, his conservative expert on the Middle East, Stephen Hadley, had a completely different take. Hadley shot down every single one of Hannity’s attempts to make himself feel better by turning fears into smears – of President Obama. Even worse, Hadley rebuked Hannity for being “afraid” of freedom and added, “That wasn’t the way of Ronald Reagan.” Can there be any worse insult for a conservative? Sadly, Hannity ignored it, sure in his heart, apparently, that Reagan would be trembling in fear the same way.

Hannity first tried to argue that the Obama administration “weakened America’s influence in the world” over its handling of Egypt. I’d say the Bush administration did far worse damage with its handling of Iraq – invading a country over false pretenses and then getting stuck in a quagmire for eight years. Funny how Hannity never seems to think of that!

But Hadley, while agreeing that the Obama administration had made some missteps, said, “It is very difficult to ride the tiger when you get into these kinds of events. I think the administration was behind the power curve… and, maybe, Sean, you’re right, there’s some damage but I think over the long term if this revolution in Egypt goes well, if we can help them over the next months ahead, do a transition to a democratic government, I think that is going to be a real triumph for American policy, a triumph for the Egyptian people and a good thing at the end of the day.”

Strike one against Hannity.

Hannity said he had “deep respect” for Hadley but didn’t “share your confidence.” He went on to cite some polls showing Egyptian support for sharia law.

Hadley shot that one down, too. “You also have some popular opinion polls that are being demonstrated on the streets… This was not a Hamas led, a Hezbollah led, it was not a Muslim Brotherhood led revolution. It was really people standing up and calling for their rights… really in the name of Egyptian patriotism.”

Strike two against Hannity.

Hadley went on to say that at the end of the day, he didn’t think Sharia law or an Islamist government would be instituted. “This has been a revolution in the name of freedom and democracy.”

Strike three – and Hannity should have been out, but he kept going. This time, he turned to Erick Stackelbeck, of the Christian Broadcast Network, in Israel. Stackelbeck was on Hannity’s “Sharia is coming!” wavelength of fear mongering. “The Brotherhood has been working towards this day, Sean, for 60 years. It’s a golden opportunity for them and they’re not going to let it pass by,” Stackelbeck echoed. He went to say that Israel worries Egypt will move into “that Iranian orbit, along with Hamas, Hezbollah, Syria and yes, even Turkey is entering the fray here.”

Hannity turned back to Hadley. But again it didn’t go the way Hannity hoped. Hadley said, “What are the options? If we had encouraged Mubarek to hang on, if he had hung on, if the army had cracked down on the demonstrators, that would have delivered the crowd and the Egyptian people to the Muslim Brotherhood.”

But Hadley wasn’t done. “I think the other thing, Sean, is I’m a little concerned when Republicans talk, are afraid of freedom. That wasn’t the way of Ronald Reagan.”


Of course, Hannity thought he knew more than Hadley. “I agree but I also know the reality of Islamic extremism… so I think it’s a legitimate fear.”

Stackelbeck worked in a final comment saying, “The fear isn’t freedom, the fear is sharia law.”

“That’s my fear,” Hannity agreed.

So Hannity is all for freedom... just so long as everyone does what he wants them to do.