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Why Is "Fox & Friends" So Interested In British PM's Attack On Multiculturalism?

Reported by Priscilla - February 11, 2011 -

"Fox & Friends" is a show for "real" Americans who realize that all they need to know about takes place in the USA and that anything furrin is suspicious. It's only them, thar librul elites who care about things that happen in Europe. But wait, for two days in a row, the "real" Americans (read very white and very Christian) on "Fox & Friends" have been very concerned about European multiculturalism - or rather, the failure of multiculturalism as expressed in a recent speech by David Cameron in Munich - a speech that has been dubbed, by neo-con Neo-conservative author and the Director for the Centre of Social Cohesion, Douglas Murray, as Cameron's "Munich Moment." (a phrase seen frequently on the chyrons) "Fox & Friends" tell us that it was "a bold move." In an article for Murdoch's "Wall Street Journal," Murray, after commending Cameron, went into a snit about those radical Muslims in Britain who deserve a darned good whacking. And because Cameron was criticized by those who obviously don't love God and country, "Fox & Friends" has decided that it, too, needs to expose the evils of multiculturalism despite the fact that the American Muslim community is well integrated into American society - more so than in many parts of Europe. Who knew that Gretchen Carlson and Brian Kilmeade were internationalists!

Aiding and abetting their message were two Brits who write for the "Daily Telegraph" - climate change skeptic James Delingpole and Daniel Hannan, a Brit who is a member of the European parliament. A "Fox & Friends" chyron wants to know "if multiculturalism is becoming a problem throughout Europe." Brian Kilmeade says that those coming to England have no interest in becoming British. Gretchen Carlson says that the resistance to Cameron's comment is all about "political correctness" and in America, everyone is "so into being politically correct." And while both guests were careful not to castigate individual Muslims, they did focus their criticism on the "liberal elites" who, according to these gentlemen, foster state sponsored multiculturalism which is damaging to their country. Hannan chided the "intellectual elites in Britain" who would "deride and traduce the concept of patriotism." Kilmeade was in total agreement with Delingpole about the problems of British multiculturalism and, being the student of foreign policy that he is, said to Hannan that "one of the biggest mistakes America makes is going around trying to be liked."

Comment: "Fox & Friends" keeps its messages simple and the message, to "real" Americans, is that multiculturalism is bad. Never mind that the British situation is different from that in the US (and at least Hannan alluded to that) but the take away is that if it can happen in Britain, it can happen here. The issue is complex. As the British "Guardian" expresses it, "the prime minister's tests of Britishness confuse a longstanding Tory dislike of multiculturalism with Britain's security needs." The "Guardian's" Vikram Dodd (one of those silly leftists who say silly things about "Islamophobia" that Delingpole alluded to?) also states "Cameron's claim that the debilitating effects of multiculturalism, not anger over foreign policy, are a key driver for al-Qaida recruits flies in the face of overwhelming available evidence." But you won't hear any of this on "Fox & Friends," the show that's in the vanguard of the war against "political correctness" which is part of Murdoch's crusade (or is it jihad?) against Islam! The title of the Fox Video, "Does Multiculturalism Breed Islamic Radicalism,?" seems to answer the question of the why the gang on "Fox & Friends" is so interested in David Cameron's comments on multiculturalism. Why indeed!


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