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EXCLUSIVE – Jewish Funds for Justice Responds to News Hounds’ Questions About Fox “News”

Reported by Aunty Em - January 28, 2011 -

In the wake of the Fox “News” snarky dismissal of the open letter to Rupert Murdoch signed by 400 rabbis, News Hounds directed several questions to Jewish Funds for Justice. Responding is the organization’s Chief Strategic Officer Mik Moore:

1). Does George Soros donate money to Jewish Funds for Justice and/or do any of the organizations to which George Soros contributes provide money to Jewish Funds for Justice?

OSI [Open Society Institute] has given money to Jewish Funds for Justice for one of our managed projects, called the Funders Collaborative for Youth Organizing. We serve to essentially pass that money through to FCYO, which engages youth in civic participation work. Here is the listing on the OSI website.

We do not receive any other funding from Soros or his philanthropies, although we would be proud to be supported by OSI and Soros.

2). What did Jewish Funds for Justice hope would happen following the publication of the open letter?

We hope to demonstrate to Rupert Murdoch the depth of feeling about this issue among the spiritual leaders and teachers of the Jewish community. We hope he will take responsibility for the kind of rhetoric being used on his network and by its leadership.

3). What did Jewish Funds for Justice think would really happen following the publication of the open letter?

We feel pretty confident that our message was received by Mr. Murdoch. How he responds to it is up to him.

4). Is Jewish Funds for Justice satisfied with Joel Cheatwood's 28-word response?

Mr. Cheatwood decided to respond to the legitimate concerns of 400 rabbis by attacking Jewish Funds for Justice. I can’t imagine the signatories, which includes most of the denominational leadership of the American rabbinate, will be satisfied with his non-response.

5). If not, what is the next step?

We will continue to urge the leadership of News Corporation and Fox News to take appropriate action.

6). How does Jewish Funds for Justice feel about being called a George Soros puppet?

The notion that the hundreds of organizations that receive funding from the Open Society Institute are puppets of George Soros is a fantasy. His foundation is like any other foundation; it supports non-profit organizations that advance causes or issues the foundation believes are important. This doesn’t make the grantees puppets of the foundation, much less the puppets of the foundation’s sponsor. Even if a foundation wanted to exert control over a grantee, which few do, it is rare that the foundation provides enough support to give it that kind of power. As I said previously, OSI funds a managed project of JFSJ, which means JFSJ doesn’t even get to spend the money. Calling JFSJ a puppet of George Soros may fit into a conspiracy theory held by some conservatives, but it is unsupported by the facts.

7). Has Jewish Funds for Justice heard back from any of the 400 signatories to the open letter concerning the Fox News response? If so, what are they saying?

We received emails from many of the rabbis who were eager to add their personal voices to the published letter; some of these rabbis have been interviewed in the press. We have not yet passed along the non-response from Fox News.

COMMENT: It must be noted that Glenn Beck and Roger Ailes are not the only 2 Foxers who use Nazi comparisons, as Jon Stewart pointed out twice recently. As mentioned in a previous News Hounds post, there are enough mentions of Nazis on Fox “News” to call it the “Nazi Network.”

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