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Did Megyn Kelly Misrepresent MSNBC's Dylan Ratigan Show?

Reported by Priscilla - January 26, 2011 -

During her interview with Rick Santorum, about commentary regarding President Obama and 14th Amendment freedom for fetuses, Megyn Kelly read some of the criticisms of Santorum. She growled "somebody on a competing cable network called that a racist rant." Is she referring to MSNBC? Is she referring to the segment of Dylan Ratigan show called "The Daily Rant," during which a guest opines on a topic pertaining to current events and politics? Last Friday, Touré, an African American American novelist, music journalist, cultural critic, provided a "rant" about the racial aspects of Santorum's commentary. He, clearly, did not describe it as a "racist rant." Rather, among other things, he said that Santorum played a "race card" and that Obama's being pro-choice has nothing to with race. He also described Santorum's comment, during Black History Week, as "icky and pointless." There was no accusation of racism. After Touré finished his editorial, the man subbing for Ratigan said "fantastic rant" which was a reflection on Touré - not Santorum. So I don't know if this is what Megyn Kelly was referring to as she didn't have the cajones to name the network but MSNBC does seem to be the liberal nemesis for some on Fox "News" and what better way to smear them than an accusation that they are accusing beloved Republican Fox contributor and fetus freedom fighter, Rick Santorum, of being "racist." But there's really no way of knowing who or what Kelly was referring to. "Devil is in the details" which, in this case, were sorely missing.

Touré's commentary below the fold. It's worth watching.

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